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ZOOMED! How to Make Your Next Call Memorable

By Whit Mitchell What are you looking at during your Zoom calls? How do I look….is my hair working today…what are others wearing…what books are on their bookshelf….why are they not showing their face…..I love their artwork….who keeps walking by in the background….I hear people speaking…turn on your mute. Albert Mehrabian developed a... read more

Growing Our Circle of Control

By Ron Price “We can choose our thoughts, attitudes and actions, but we cannot choose the consequences of our thoughts, attitudes and actions, because whatever we sow will be multiplied back to us.” Price Family Proverb In a time of turmoil and uncertainty, it makes a big difference what we focus on. We can fill our days and minds with fear... read more

The 3 Recovery Killers That Will Stymie Your Post-Pandemic Comeback

Dr. Evans Baiya,, October 2020 The business world has been significantly disrupted by the pandemic. During situations of macro disruption, most people look for ways to first survive and eventually emerge from the circumstances stronger and better. As they do this, most leaders attempt to re-create past success—to go back to what... read more

How Collaboration is Like a Chinese Finger Trap

By Dr. Francis Eberle Imagine you’ve just settled into your office for the morning, coffee in hand, desktop firing up, when two employees blow through the door. Each has a strong, yet opposing, viewpoint about the next steps for a project. And before you know it, you are drawn into playing referee or decision-maker. This scenario is much... read more

Business Disrupted by the Pandemic? 4 Things to Do If Your Products or Services Are No Longer Needed

Dr. Evans Baiya,, September 2020 Major world events create disruption, and COVID-19 is no different. Many industries are experiencing disruptions—in the way they do business, in the sustainability of their systems, and in the engagement of their customers. It is estimated more than 100,000 businesses that were inactive or... read more

What to Look for in an Outside Advisor

By Ron Price I spent most of my career serving in leadership roles inside of organizations. I’m grateful for the experiences I gained owning businesses, running businesses owned by others, and leading in non-profit organizations. From time to time, I had occasion to engage and work with consultants, facilitators, and coaches in each of these... read more

What’s in Your Self-Resource Toolbox?

By Jalene Case “We have exceeded our surge capacity,” is a phrase I heard recently from Jennifer Louden. I thought, “Yes! That’s what it feels like! My inner surge protector is fried.” At the same time, I realized that I’ve been learning, along with my clients, friends, and family, how to survive the recent deluge of disasters. I bet you have... read more

The 4 Properties of Effective Business Experiments

Experiments Aren’t Just for Scientists, Use This Proven Tool to Improve Your Offerings By Dr. Evans Baiya Any business that is looking to launch new offerings, improve processes and solutions, or simply grow should be running experiments. There is an effective way to conduct experiments, and there are many not-so-effective ways. Throughout... read more
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