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by Dr. Evans Baiya and Ron Price

Every idea has potential,... read more


Today host Dale Dixon and executive advisor Ron Price continue their discussion of problem solving by diving straight into wicked messes. Ron shares how to recognize a wicked mess, and mistakes... read more


In this short video, Price Associates team member and creative disruption strategist, Courtney Feider discusses the importance of building the skill of Futuristic Thinking and tips for how to do... read more


By Dr. Evans Baiya,, March 2018... read more


By Courtney Feider,, March 2018

... read more

By Whit Mitchell

I was recently traveling for business, and grabbed... read more


Host Dale Dixon and Executive Coach Ron Price continue their conversation around Problem Solving for leaders. They discuss two different kinds of problems--common-cause variation and special-cause... read more


It is inevitable that often times we can feel stuck in life, leading us to... read more


In this short video, TCL faculty member Whit Mitchell talks about how Customer focus is recalling from day one that the most important customers you have are the people who are directly reporting... read more

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