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Dancing Down the Mountain: A Lesson in Change Management

By Lori McNeill I recently took a trip to the mountains of Austria. My destination was a beautiful ski resort and my goal was to learn how to ski. In order to accomplish this goal, I enlisted the help of a talented ski instructor named Florian. What I eventually came to realize was the lessons I learned that week applied directly to change... read more

It's Time To Innovate

Featuring Ron Price and Dr. Evans Baiya, InTrust, Winter 2020 It's a new year, which often signals it's time for a new start - time to put into play some of those ides percolation around your brain. But many a business owner often feels too overwhelmed with the daily task of keeping everything running to think about how to change things up.... read more

Trying Easy Rather Than Hard

By Jalene Case From playing a sport to working a job, the phrase “trying hard” implies that we’re attempting to perform at our very best, pushing ourselves harder to go beyond our limits. Why? I believe it’s because we want to be successful on our own terms. We receive accolades for trying hard: “She’s a hard worker.” “He’s trying hard to be... read more

6 Steps to a Strategy That Works

By Lori McNeill, I recently worked with a client regarding their strategy for the upcoming year. I started by asking them to share their current year’s strategy, goals and outcomes. We reviewed the data and although there had been progress, they had faced challenges along the way and struggled to accomplish all that they originally set out to... read more

Why “Culture Starts at the Top” Is Not Enough

By Holly Mitchell & Jaime Lisk You have likely heard the phrase, “Culture starts at the top.” While there is certainly merit to this statement, it’s not the full story. Organizational culture is shaped by shared patterns of values and behaviors that define the social and psychological environment within a group. You see “culture”... read more

CareerCast Featuring Ron Price

Ron Price was recently featured on the CareerCast podcast. In this CareerCast, Ron shares lessons learned from his decades of leadership experience, character driven perspective, and insights from across the world.

Three Questions to Sharpen Your Vision

By Dr. Jeremy Graves Vision. Even the word can seem overwhelming to some. What is our vision? How will I know if my vision is in alignment with my organizational needs? How do I ensure clarity throughout my organization around vision? Do those within my organization even understand the vision? These are the types of questions that keep many... read more

What do you REALLY want?

The ONE Thing That Can Change Everything… By Patrick Ensign What do you want most for your business, your family...and you? How do all of these wants align with the actual work you do and the decisions you are making for your company? Asking yourself these questions is the first step to gaining clarity. When you have clarity about what... read more

The Complete Guide on How to Receive Feedback

Receiving critical feedback is one of the most difficult aspects of leadership. For years, I’ve been working to become a better receiver of feedback. Even after hundreds of tough conversations, I still cringe when someone starts sharing a tough message with me. My heart rate still races. My first impulse is still to defend myself. I’m... read more

Looking Back on 15 Years of Price Associates

This year Price Associates celebrated 15 years of serving customers and helping leaders grow and change their worlds. Founded by Ron Price in 2004, the company has grown and evolved as seasoned advisors joined the team—and brought their expertise to clients. We sat down with Ron to talk about the early years and some of his favorite memories... read more
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