While individuals need to be continuous learners to succeed, entire organizations must also embrace this skill. Tomorrow's leaders - the people who will establish an organization's culture - must embrace continuous learning as both a personal and an organizational value. Watch this two-minute video with Ron Price to find out more about continuous learning.

When Whit Mitchell and Bill Cuff met while doing facilitative work with teams at Kodak over 23 years ago, neither knew that the chance encounter would lead to years of friendship and a partnership to fight social injustice and help those in need.

At the time they met—and bonded over a shared sense of humor—Bill was working with a nonprofit that enhanced the lives of people with disabilities. After an introduction, Whit was compelled by the group’s mission, and became involved as well.


By Dr. Francis Eberle

How many times have you left a meeting with a colleague feeling good about the outcome, only to find out later that they did not complete what you talked about? Weren’t they listening?

My last experience with this was a few years ago. A colleague wanted to work on a new idea to present to the CEO. We discussed it, and I felt the new idea was very valuable. However, until we finished the project the CEO wanted, introducing a new idea was not a good plan. At the end...

In this short video, TCL Faculty Member, Wade Johnson gives you reasons that good Problem Solving skills can help organizations move forward and actions to improve this leadership skill on a day-to-day basis.

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price finish their discussion of Planning & Organizing in this third episode in the series. They talk about using the Planning & Organizing process to improve team performance, the questions to ask when you begin Planning & Organizing with a team, and the tie between this skill and project management. Ron gives practical ways to unite a team, and some tools you can use for Planning & Organizing with a group. Email ron@price-associates to get his questions for getting a good start at Planning & Organizing as a team.


By Courtney Feider

My career has had many threads, all of which relate back to balance and focus, and to helping people use personal expression and creativity to experience transformational change. In addition to my corporate experience my background in psychology and massage therapy often come up when I am coaching executives, as we look more deeply at the root cause of some of the communication issues they experience with colleagues and within themselves.

Over the last few years, I have been...

In this short clip, Founder, CEO and President of Price Associates Ron Price talks about the program he offers called "Behavioral Intelligence." He discusses why he started the program and the key benefits gained by participating.

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price continue their discussion of Planning & Organizing in this second episode of the series. Ron talks about the three dimensions of Planning & Organizing: How We Think, What We Do, and How We Relate. He also discusses how to use this skill to get better at every role you play in your life. He addresses the role of prioritization in Planning & Organizing, and explains the four-quadrant method for prioritization. He also gives tips for creating habits that will change the way you approach this skill.


By Dr. Francis Eberle

Generalizations about leadership style are easy, but become messy in the reality of people and structures. More than ten years ago Jim Collins received criticism from leaders in the social sector for assuming the leadership style in his book Good to Great was universal. He responded with a monograph, Good to Great for the Social Sectors and described two leadership styles: Legislative and Executive leadership. I never asked him, but it...

In this short video, Innovation and Technology Strategist Dr. Evans Baiya talks about the internal and external factors that go into decision making as well as the facets that affect the quality of our decisions.

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