The best way to see your abilities clearly is through evaluation and feedback. Evaluations help executives, managers, business owners and other leaders understand their own unique behavioral styles and understand how others perceive them. Discovering more about your strengths, weaknesses, and propensities is critical to moving in the direction you want to go.

As part of The Complete Leader system, we’ve compiled a set of assessments to give you the most comprehensive look at your abilities and inclinations.

Leadership Assessment
Are you a complete leader? Take our 25-question complimentary assessment to see where you're at in your leadership journey.  We encourage you to join our community and take the complete 125-question leadership assessment to discover your aptitude for each of the 25 competencies that are necessary to become a complete leader, and to evaluate where you are on your leadership journey (explore this site to learn more about these competencies). If you are already a member, simply log in to get started!

The purpose of this self-assessment is to help provide awareness for those who lead others. By totaling your scores in each section, you have an opportunity to measure yourself against a high standard of excellence. Each leader’s degree of self-awareness will vary, with some leaders overvaluing their current levels and others undervaluing their skills. The overall scores are not as important as the patterns that emerge. These patterns will help you recognize your current strengths and where you may benefit by giving more attention to future development.

TriMetrix® HD Talent and Leadership Profile

The TriMetrix® HD assessment maps the four sciences of behaviors, motivators, acumen, and competencies in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment. Based on a unique, 55-factor analysis, the TriMetrix® HD examines the behaviors that individuals bring to the job, the motivators that drive them, whether or not they possess the acumen to do the job, and their potential to provide the competencies required by the job.

The TriMetrix® HD Assessment:

  • Illuminates what motivates your behavior
  • Explores both how your judgment impacts interaction with the external world and your own self-perception
  • Describes the results in 25 research-based business capacities

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