By Courtney Feider

Change is a state that happens in every business and in every person; it’s impersonal and an inevitable fact. Transition is more of a psychological shift and requires a person to feel the feelings of change and lean into—or away from—a move that alters their reality and transforms what’s next. Disruption is an election, a transformative decision. It’s the ownership of possessing a change and transformation process and further adopting the opportunity to put the timing of those...

In this short video, Innovation and Technology Strategist Dr. Evans Baiya outlines ways to better your expertise in Conceptual Thinking and explains why it is important to surround yourself with conceptual thinkers. 

Today host Dale Dixon and The Complete Leader author Ron Price talk about Understanding & Evaluating Others. They tell us why leaders often rely on a sixth sense when it comes to hiring, but why research shows that is ineffective. Ron talks about merging neuroscience and psychology assessment tools to understand people's natural traits, and what leaders can measure before they hire--using a single hour-long assessment. he also talks about the power in organizing around people's strengths, rather than focusing on their weaknesses. 


by Jack Calhoun

When Whit Mitchell was an undergraduate at UNH he had a profound impact on the program.  He actually never rowed at UNH, he was the coach for 4 years, from his Freshman year through Senior year.  Whit had rowed at the South Kent School in South Kent, Connecticut before coming to UNH.

The fact is that without Whit stepping up at beginning of his Freshman year, UNH rowing could easily have stumbled into oblivion.   Whit was a tireless advocate for rowing at UNH, and for 4 years he was UNH...

In this short video, Practice Manager at InfoQuest Rebekah Lee tells us why Flexibility is an essential skill for a leader, ways to learn to become more flexible, and how to encourage flexibility in your team.

by Ron Price

Are you interested in developing one skill that is guaranteed to improve every other aspect of your life? This skill can affect everything from your success in business to your closest relationships and happiness. It is a simple skill, but not necessarily easy. It is challenging, but the rewards for making it a central part of your life are immeasurable. It is the most important skill used by everyone from a concert violinist to a top sales person. It will turn enemies into...

Andy Johnson is an executive coach, a team dynamics expert, and the author of several books. As a professional speaker, he blends his prior work as a therapist with his executive coaching expertise to deliver thoughtful and entertaining presentations.

Andy regularly speaks on healthy team development, tips for conflict reduction, healthy cultures and the dynamics of leadership.

Host Dale Dixon and The Complete Leader author Ron Price talk today about Resiliency, and its value for leaders. They discuss whether Resiliency is a skill or a trait, how and how leaders can model Resiliency to their teams. Ron also lists the three emotions that add to Resiliency, and the four emotions that steal from it. He gives tips for developing Resiliency, and finding a balance. 


By Andy Johnson

It’s a common myth that introverts can’t be great leaders. This is due to the fact that leadership theories have favored extroverts for centuries. Western culture has also traditionally reinforced the leadership of outgoing, dynamic men who are articulately passionate, sure of themselves and just seem to attract followers. 

Going back to antiquity, the first leadership theory was the Great Man Theory. Through our modern lens, its problems are pretty obvious. It implied that only...

In this short video, Leadership Advisor and TCL Faculty Member, Nicholas Bauman talks about Diplomacy and Tact. He discusses why this set of skills is important for a leader and how to understand, embrace, and be effective in your environment.

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