Leadership Development Program

The Complete Leader is the complete solution.


The Complete Leader is an EMBA-style leadership development program designed to identify and develop the leadership skills necessary to excel in current and future roles. Through a mix of hands-on learning, presentations, study, and one-on-one coaching, participants spend 14 months working on essential leadership skills.

Primary Objectives

  1. Increase each participant's self-awareness
  2. Develop additional team awareness and synergy
  3. Help participants grow specific, relevant leadership skills

Key Components

  • Eight to 10 days of cohort meetings over a 14-month period, with 8-10 week intervals between sessions.
  • Individual coaching sessions during months in between group meetings. An assigned coach for each participant will assist with mutually agreed upon objectives, schedules and activities to anchor new skills.
  • TriMetrix HD Leadership Profile Assessment, which utilizes four distinct models to map out recurring patterns of thought, motivation and behavior, as well as provides a self-assessment of 25 leadership skills.  
  • Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management Assessments to create greater self-awareness and clarity. 
  • Copy of The Complete Leader: Everything You Need to Become a High-Performing Leader, which is an encyclopedia of the 25 leadership skills needed for clear thinking, getting things done, leading others, and developing your unique leadership journey.
  • Access to additional resources at TheCompleteLeader.org throughout the program, including coaching guides, videos, podcasts, articles, book recommendations and blogs for each of the 25 leadership skills.
  • A "mastermind" group of like-minded leaders from local companies to help build your support network. 

Participants will be expected to attend all of the group sessions, to complete mutually agreed upon assignments in a timely manner, and to coordinate individual coaching sessions in between group sessions. Participants will also be asked to participate in team action learning activities that are relevant and impactful in their current roles. Finally, participants will be expected to identify and work on personal objectives for professional development throughout the program.

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"The opportunity to learn leadership styles from individuals in different industries has been great." Frank Teas, Director of Banking Services, Lake Sunapee Bank

"It opened my eyes to a more accurate assessment of myself. I received insights for better understanding people, why they are the way they are, and how to use them to the best of their ability -- all of which made me a better team member. It has been a big advantage for the company." Superior Farms Program Participant
"Overall, invaluable -- both to me personally, and in my guidance and understanding of our team." Elizabeth Roberts, HR & Operations, Compass Therapeutics

"It's a comprehensive program covering many relevant areas, providing excellent self discovery and an improved group dynamic. We saw increased self-awareness and improved communication throughout the team." Cavium Networks Program Participant
"The combination of presentations and ongoing coaching is helping me apply TCL principles to daily challenges and make the skills permanent." Paul Beliveau, Sr. Engineering Manager, FujiFilm
"The Complete Leader is a great blend of objective data, personal reflection and group discussion. I highly recommend participating with two or more members of your team to have the chance to develop insights into your own and your team's leadership styles and growth areas. The program has been invaluable to our team." Errik Anderson, President, Compass Therapeutics


"The Complete Leader-a book that essentially teaches you everything you need to become a high performing leader." Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager 
"Leaving nothing out, Ron Price and Randy Lisk reveal everything you need to know to be The Complete Leader." Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There
"Whether you are a clerk or the manager of a store, the CEO of a corporation or even the president of a country, you will benefit from reading and applying the principles of The Complete Leader."
Jim Zamzow, Zamzows Superstores
"Leadership is an exhilarating, gut wrenching, often breathtaking journey that demands changing skills ad lifelong learning. Ron and Randy have just provided a roadmap that should be a well worn reference on every leader's bookshelf." Jeff Sayer, (former) Director, Idaho Department of Commerce