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7 Tactics to Lead Through a Crisis

By Ron Price After 50 years of serving in a wide variety of leadership roles, I’m convinced that every leader will face multiple crises as a normal part of the leadership journey. In my own experience, I have found myself in the middle of crises brought on by leadership failures, destructive fires, economic downturns, supply chain breakdowns,... read more

Growing Your Self Management Skill - Part 2

Leaders Lead Themselves
Creating a definition of self management that fits your circumstances provides the clarity and focus necessary for success.

Move from Blocking to Supporting Yourself

By Jalene Case “I’m my own worst enemy!” Have you ever said this or heard a friend or colleague say it? It can feel frustrating and demotivating to know precisely what we want to accomplish yet take actions that move us in the opposite direction. How can you get out of your own way and support yourself in getting more of what you want?... read more

Communications Checklist For Virtual Leaders

Dr. Lisa Aldisert,, September 2020 An opportunity for leaders to sharpen the saw and up their game. Virtual leadership is now an essential skill as a result of living through the pandemic. Recent announcements by large tech companies such as Google and that they expect their employees to work remotely until next summer... read more

How to Make Your Customer Interactions More Effective

The 4 Levels of Listening By Dr. Evans Baiya So much has changed because of COVID-19, including the needs of your current and potential customers. Now more than ever, companies should be listening to their customers. One of the keys to recovery is truly understanding what your customers need and adapting your offering(s) to their... read more

Moving From Corrector to Coach – A Life-Changing Breakthrough

By Steve Van Remortel, You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within." - Bob Nelson This quote by Bob Nelson captures the essence of one of the greatest breakthroughs that I see in leaders as they develop. That breakthrough is when a leader (in a business or at home) moves from being... read more

Let Customers Help You Innovate During COVID

Dr. Evans Baiya, Innovation Management, August 2020 In this article, we’ll look at three ways to engage customers and create products they want to buy right now. If you have an idea for a product or service but are uncertain about launching something new during the pandemic, rest assured that people are still buying. They are looking for... read more

Paddle Toward Your Vision

By Jalene Case, Our responsibilities can toss us around like we’re rafting through white-water rapids without a paddle. Our direction feels like it’s utterly controlled by the river. This is how it can feel when we don’t have a clear vision and goals guiding us to where we want to go. I knew where I was heading and how I was going to get... read more

What Are Your Clients Thinking?

By Dr. Lisa Aldisert, The answer to this question requires action! Reflect on the conversations you’ve had recently with your clients or customers. Do you really know what’s on their minds, or are you making assumptions? Often, we project our opinions onto our clients. If we are struggling with COVID related problem X, we assume that our... read more

Creating Better Learning Experiences During COVID

By Ron Price, These are such interesting times! Of course, when we look at the human challenges and suffering, we hope it is a “once in a century” period of turmoil. I often think about the stages of grief and how we have all been forced to embrace new realities. The first stage in the grieving process is denial, which many of us probably... read more
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