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5 Keys to Creating the Ideal Work Environment

One of my favorite interview questions to ask candidates is “what’s your ideal environment?” If the environment is not right, skills, values and other intangibles may not matter. Different individuals thrive in different environments. The key to craft an ideal environment is to understand a person’s drivers and primary behavioral style. ... read more

Make Your Team Better with DISC

By Whit Mitchell Why do people lose their jobs? Managers hire for skill, but they rarely fire for incompetence. Instead they fire because of bad behavior.  “Bad” behavior comes in many forms. It can be behavior that the manager doesn’t understand, or a reaction to a recent responsibility change or a promotion. What if you had a tool to... read more

5 Things You Need to do to be Successful at Just About Anything

By Dave Clark Like the elusive fountain of youth, people are constantly looking for the magic recipe or the secret sauce to become successful. While there are far more successful people in the world than I am, I would like to share some things that have worked for me over the years.  I am proud to say that I’ve been able to reinvent... read more

Why Should I Care About EQ?

By Ron Price  To some, emotional intelligence (or EQ) can sound like the modern version of standing in a circle holding hands and singing kumbaya. Many people undervalue the significance of developing emotional intelligence as part of professional development. However, there is an abundance of research that indicates this type of... read more

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

By Todd Fox An important life theme I’ve always tried to live by is to never to judge a book by its cover. Talking recently with a coworker who had an unfortunate incident at a local car dealership got me to thinking about that. In today’s fast-paced world, we tend to make quick decisions about everything, including how we judge people. In... read more

Optimize Your Leadership Potential

By Ron Price I am in my fifth decade of working on what it means to be a leader. When I amalgamate my personal leadership experiences and those I’ve been honored to witness or even guide, I have realized that leadership isn’t relegated to the workplace. Leadership is any situation that gives to you the opportunity to lead. Over the years I’... read more

Price Associates Celebrates Leadership Nampa 2018 Graduating Class

This year marks the 10th year that Price Associates has worked with the Nampa Chamber of Commerce in Nampa, Idaho to deliver the Leadership Nampa program, an annual leadership development and community awareness program.  The program runs for nine months and is facilitated by Price Associates advisors. It includes leadership... read more

The Key to Increasing Sales—Behavioral Selling

By Whit Mitchell “Any salesperson who is not selling behaviorally is, at best, only 25-50% effective.”  I heard this quote during a seminar given by Judy Suiter. It certainly caught my attention and pushed my interest to discover what selling behaviorally meant.  No matter whether you sell a product or a service, it’s pretty... read more

How to Use Mindfulness to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Said another way, mindfulness can be thought of as bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. It is a skill that can be developed and sharpened over time with practice, focus and repetition. Mindfulness can be achieved in countless ways, a few of which include meditation and yoga, to name just a couple.... read more

5 Ways to Recruit Top Talent During Historically Low Unemployment Rates

If I had a nickel for every time we were asked “do using personality tests make hiring more difficult,” I’d have a small fortune. Since this question is commonly asked by users of our products, we’ve decided to answer the question. This question warrants clarification. We prefer the phrase “multivariate assessments” in place of personality... read more