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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Training

By Jaime Lisk You’ve found the perfect training to attend – it’s a topic you have been curious about for the past year, the top expert in the field is speaking, the training is during your slow season, and you feel like you could really learn something. But now you need to ask your boss for approval. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you... read more

How to Navigate the New Hiring Landscape

By Ron Price Hiring has become more important than ever. Today we are not simply filling a job, but instead asking people to balance complexity and deal with ever-present change. We are not only looking for someone who is going to fit into the job today, but also grow into additional roles in the future, due to the pace of change in the world... read more

Squeeze the Best Out of Your Summer

By Jalene Case Summer feels like it races by at twice the speed compared to the other seasons. We fill the long summer days with as much fun as possible while trying not to fall behind on our workload, but this can leave us feeling pressed for time and exhausted. How do we revive ourselves so we can enjoy our fun and still bring our best selves... read more

Innovation And The Future Of Performance Reviews

By Evans Baiya,, July 2019 In today’s fast-paced world, innovation must be the future of any company looking to compete and win market share. You simply cannot grow and thrive by doing what you’ve always done. Therefore, it is a natural conclusion that innovation will be a key component to the future of performance management. 
 Over... read more

How to Define Success in Any Job

By Ron Price In my own experience as an executive, I sought to put as much power as possible into hands of those I supervised. I wanted them to “own” their jobs and to always know how to accurately evaluate their performance. Once I retired from corporate management and started supporting other leaders, I discovered they are equally interested... read more

Are we solving the right problem?

By David Quinlan Imagine an iceberg floating in the middle of the sea. Above the surface sits the impressive tip and rugged edges. What you do not see is what rests below the surface – a massive glacier with peaks and valleys and mass that comprises 90 percent of the entire body. Defining a problem is like an iceberg. Many organizations make... read more

Legitimate Leadership Authenticity: The Great Debate

By Chip Scholz I hear a lot of buzz around the words “authentic leadership”. Some demand more, while others debate its meaning. Regardless, smart leaders recognize the cries of dissatisfaction and seek ways to engage others with passion, authenticity and long-term value. Legitimate leadership authenticity begins with self-knowledge: your... read more

Opposites That Feed Each Other

Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Be More Productive By Jalene Case Bring to mind your last off-the-grid, disconnected-style vacation. If you can’t think of one, you’re not alone. Even though we know (somewhere deep down!) that taking a complete break from work will increase our work productivity, we often resist. I recently... read more

A Direct Approach to Resolve Conflict with a Coworker

By Whit Mitchell It probably won’t surprise you that in my line of work, I tend to do a lot of team conflict resolution. Coworker disagreements and conflict are common in most workplaces, as we attempt to blend a variety of personalities, preferences and behaviors into a single team. When I get a call that two colleagues are not working... read more

An Aware Team is an Effective Team

By Dr. Francis Eberle One of my clients recently asked for help improving the effectiveness of his team. He reported that the team was not readily sharing information, not treating each other with respect, and not pitching in when one member was unable to complete his or her work. These concerns probably sound familiar. I see them, or some... read more