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What Really Motivates Employees

(Hint: It’s Not Money) By Lori McNeill Are employees at your organization disengaged? Do you find it challenging to get buy-in regarding initiatives or tasks that are critical to your success? Maybe you need to re-think your approach … Employees Crave Autonomy As adolescents, we were told what to do on a regular basis: what time to get... read more

It’s OK to Fail: 5 Ways to Face Your Fears

Eat the frog; a strange but oft-used mantra a family friend lived by. Essentially, “eat the frog” is another way of saying “just do it” or “face your fears.” If there’s something you need to do, and you have to do it whether you want to or not, you are better off to just get it done and get it off your plate. Eat the frog.  No matter... read more

6 Reasons You Need a Coach

by Whit Mitchell Ask any top athlete—or a top performer in any field for that matter—and they will tell you that they couldn’t have reached their peak without a coach. Whether the relationship is formal or casual, people who accomplish great things typically have someone in their corner who helped them get there. Having a coach gives you a... read more

How to stay committed to your goals in 2018

By Dave Clark The start of a new year is usually a time of reflection for many people. Backed with tons of positive energy, they make big plans to improve themselves. These plans are created with optimism and the best of intentions. But, the reality is most of these plans usually wither away in about two weeks. Some weren’t well thought out... read more

Is It Really Lonely at The Top?

By Dr. Francis Eberle I know you have heard or read more than once that it is lonely at the top. If you believe this then it is likely you will be a lonely leader. Results of decisions do ultimately lie with the leader alone, but why does it have to be lonely? It can start with small things. One day as a new Executive Director, I was in... read more

Your Biggest Leadership Gap is Your Operating System

By Andy Johnson What’s the biggest gap or deficit in your leadership of others? Your understanding of this question will directly connect to your attempted solutions to the problem. If you had to guess today, what do you think your biggest gap is related to? More importantly, how do you think closing your biggest leadership gap would affect... read more

The Complete Leader Releases Spanish Translation and Certifies Spanish-Speaking Facilitators

Price Associates has certified eight new Spanish-speaking facilitators for its comprehensive leadership development program, The Complete Leader. This move expands the availability of the program to Chile, Dominican, Mexico and Spain—as well as Spanish-speaking leaders in the U.S. As part of this expansion, The Complete Leader book has also been... read more

5 Ways to Move Forward After a Setback

By Dave Clark Moving forward after a setback, especially an emotional one, can be quite a challenge. When we encounter a major life situation, we can be stripped of our energy and we need to regroup. What tools can we use to help us regroup? How can we be sure that we take that situation, learn from it, and become better because of it? How... read more

Diversity Is a Competitive Differentiator

By Dr. Francis Eberle Several years ago, as a CEO, I hired a talented and experienced professional woman for an executive position who also happened to represent a minority group. That in of itself is not worthy writing about, and should be unremarkable. What happened next was. She was often questioned about what she was doing. I was... read more

10 Things Effective Leaders Do to Encourage Innovation

By Dr. Evans Baiya,, December 2017 When I work with companies on innovation projects, whether it’s industry-changing new products and services or smaller-scale ideas to streamline internal processes, I often see leaders and their teams struggling to freely ideate and really dive into the brainstorm process. When they do finally get... read more