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The Heart of Leadership: Seeing Ourselves and Seeing Others

By Andy Johnson,, December 2017 Human beings are masters at seeing what they want to see. In every situation, we consistently extract information that confirms our existing opinions about ourselves and the world around us. We view the world in a way that is highly selective and inherently biased. Ideas that fit the script are noticed;... read more

An Intuitive View of Self with The Leadership Circle ®

By Courtney Feider My career has had many threads, all of which relate back to balance and focus, and to helping people use personal expression and creativity to experience transformational change. In addition to my corporate experience my background in psychology and massage therapy often come up when I am coaching executives, as we look more... read more

What Style of Leader Are You and Does it Matter?

By Dr. Francis Eberle Generalizations about leadership style are easy, but become messy in the reality of people and structures. More than ten years ago Jim Collins received criticism from leaders in the social sector for assuming the leadership style in his book Good to Great was universal. He responded with a monograph, Good to Great for the... read more

Don’t Normalize Conflict

By Andy Johnson I’ve been thinking, writing and speaking about conflict in different contexts for about twenty years. Shortly after the release of my 2014 book that focused on conflict prevention, I was asked to address a lunchtime Rotary club meeting in my home town. I had prepared what I thought was a nice talk describing the way many of us... read more

3 Leaders Who Made an Impact on My Life

And the Lessons I Learned from Them By Whit Mitchell Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate to learn lessons from many great leaders, and even some lessons from leaders who weren’t so great. But I can specifically name three leaders who had a significant impact on my life’s purpose and direction. The lessons I learned (and sometimes... read more

Is Your Idea Good Enough?

By Dr. Evans Baiya, Innovation Enterprise, September 2017 You have an idea to solve a problem or opportunity, whether it be a new process for your department or even a new business idea. So how do you figure out if your idea will actually work and if it’s sustainable? People often come up with ideas that could be significant, but they struggle... read more

Military Secrets to Creating a Culture of Leadership

By Dr. Bobby Sanchez How does the military produce great leaders? My experience as a commissioned officer and U.S. Army Ranger is that they do so by nurturing the character, traits, and competencies of service members from the moment they first report to duty until the day they depart military service. While military service is very different... read more

Identifying a Person’s Behavioral Style Through Email

Understanding someone’s behavioral style gives us an incredible advantage into accomplishing our goals. In today’s world, we don’t always get the opportunity to interact face to face. That’s why it’s important to be able to pick up cues in other ways, giving you the chance to communicate most effectively in a style that works for the other person... read more

Explaining the Why

We are excited to welcome Lori McNeill to the Price Associates team. Lori has been an effective change agent for organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies to powerhouse marketing group, Ogilvy & Mather. In her most recent role at Pfizer, she worked as Chief of Staff and Director of Global Operations. Today, in her... read more

Are You a Group or a Team?

By Andy Johnson This year we witnessed the second NBA championship in the last three years for the Golden State Warriors. In many ways, this is not surprising when simply looking at the current team roster. The team was already a who’s who of elite superstars. With the addition of Kevin Durant this season, many expected the outcome that is now... read more