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$100K savings for TCL program participant

Superior Farms has been an employee-owned company through its Employee Stock Ownership Plan for years, and recently engaged in new efforts to continue to enhance its culture of true ownership and teamwork. To facilitate and support this transition, Superior Farms turned to The Complete Leader (TCL) program. The TCL faculty has been working with... read more

5 Ways to run the Circus when Bozo is at the Top

By Mindy Bortness, Communication Works, Inc. It’s a story that’s too true, way too often. You’re working endlessly, trying to deliver a profit, or systemize a department, or implement an initiative, and it feels like your own leadership is working against you. You’re engaged. You’re motivated. You won’t give up. So what do you do? Here... read more

Do You Work for an Authentic Leader?

Do You Work for an Authentic Leader? By Chip Scholz The Scholz Report, February 2015

Developing High-Performance Leadership Teams

Developing High-Performance Leadership Teams From TD at Work, by Lynda McDermott September 2014

How to Give a Killer Presentation

How to Give a Killer Presentation By Harvard Business Review Lessons from TED by Chris Anderson, June 2013

The Complete Leader Sees Early Success

An interview with Ron Price When Ron Price and Randy Lisk started work on The Complete Leader, they didn’t fully anticipate the capacity of the project and what it would become. They didn’t expect that it would take three years to compile, that it would be translated into three languages within the first year, or that it would eventually... read more

Continuous Learning: How to earn a Ph.D in your passion of expertise!

By Whit Mitchell Continuous Learning is one of the 7 Leadership Attributes from Leaders are Clear Thinkers in the book The Complete Leader authored by Ron Price and Randy Lisk. The book is broken into Four Disciplines: 1 .Leaders Are Clear Thinkers 2. Leaders Lead Themselves 3. Leaders Lead Others 4. Leaders Are Authentic... read more

5 Natural Forces Shaping Your Brand

We all see the changes. Internal and external forces pushing and pulling on brands. We see the disintegration of the old ways of doing business - but also the emergence of new ways that encourage collaboration, transparency and deeper connections. As market forces and societal trends shape brands, business leaders have a tremendous opportunity to... read more

Introducing The Complete Leader Turkish!

The Complete Leader in Turkish
It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that we announce the publication of the Turkish edition of The Complete Leader: Everything You Need to Become a High Performing Leader. A very special thanks goes out to Hasan Tahsin Güngör, Nihan Serra Gungor and Bilge Okuyan and Pervin Ozdemir. When Hasan Tahsin Güngör, a well respected consultant... read more

Take the fear out of performance evaluations

Ranjit Nair
We are pleased to announce the addition of Global HR leader Ranjit Nair, Ph.D., to The Complete Leader faculty.   By Dr. Ranjit Nair, Sr. Strategist/Talent, Leadership & Organizational Development Understanding and evaluating others is the innate leadership trait and ability to see the individuality in others and to recognize a... read more
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