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TCL Video Series: Conceptual Thinking with Andy Johnson

Conceptual thinkers have an astute understanding of why something is being done. They can think at an abstract level and easily apply their insights to the situation. In this 2-minute video, faculty member Andy Johnson discusses this critical competency for leaders. As an expert on introverted leaders, Andy also shares his thoughts on introverts... read more

TCL Video Series: Creativity with Justin Foster

Tomorrow’s leaders will find that the pace of change makes the life span of a creative idea shorter, and fresh concepts will be continually needed to stay competitive. In this short video, Brand Strategist and The Complete Leader faculty member Justin Foster will share his thoughts on fostering a culture of creativity and how to develop it within... read more

Time is Money: The Value of Taking Time for Yourself

Time is currency, especially for leaders. This constant transaction creates heightened pressure to perform. Leaders find themselves with more responsibility and less time, and once you've maxed out productivity, systems can start to break down. Something has got to give, and usually the first things to go are those activities that relate to... read more

Isn't It Time to Rethink Time?

By Jay Steven Levin, The Complete Leader faculty "The trouble is... you think you have time!" - Unknown When time becomes the transactional measure of merit you'd think the more we have of it the more valuable we become - to others and ourselves. Not! Every day we hear self-important boasts declaring how busy we are, how little... read more

Using Talent Science for Competitive Advantage

By Ron Price, Training Magazine, May 2015 alent science has been around for nearly 10 decades: Starting in the 1920s, psychologists studied talent and began developing models of behavior and motivation. These assessments include tests you’ve probably heard of—Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DISC (behavioral styles based on dominance, influence... read more

Defining Moments in Leadership—Dan Price’s Minimum Wage Announcement

Dan Price
By now you have probably seen some of the media coverage that followed my son Dan Price’s decision to realign the compensation practices at his company, Gravity Payments, and the unexpected response it has received around the world.  It has been impossible to track all of the media outlets that have broadcast or published his story this past... read more

6 Proven Ways to Reduce Costly Employee Turnover

By Mindy Bortness, Women on Business, April 2015 Brands targeting the teen market have a business model to produce and price goods inexpensively, anticipating the mentality of “disposability” that exists within their target audience. Sadly, many businesses work from that same mentality in their approach in hiring employees. And, unlike a pair... read more

3 Ways to Develop a Story That Will Resonate with Customers

By Dr. Ranjit Nair Ph.D., Strategy for Life Magazine, April 2015 Twenty years ago, I used to listen to a San Francisco-based radio show every Friday at 4:59 p.m., right at the onset of happy hour and the beginning of the weekend. The show was a minute-long run down of the day’s headline news and ended with the announcer, Scoop Nisker,... read more

3 Lessons Your Team Can Learn From the Sport of Rowing

By Whit Mitchell, All Business Experts, April 2015 Have you ever been on a high-performing team? I mean truly high performing, where the synchronicity of all members is so fine-tuned that it feels effortless the harder you push? For those of you who have had the pleasure of watching a 2000-meter crew race, you have seen “symphony in motion... read more

TCL Video Series: Futuristic Thinking with Shawn Kent Hayashi

Futuristic thinkers have the ability to look past the events of today and into the possibilities of tomorrow. They can visualize compulsory new ideas about customers, products, services, strategies and business models. In this 3-minute video, The Complete Leader faculty member Shawn Kent Hayashi talks about how tomorrow’s leaders will need to... read more
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