We are pleased to announce the addition of Global HR leader Ranjit Nair, Ph.D., to The Complete Leader faculty.  

By Dr. Ranjit Nair, Sr. Strategist/Talent, Leadership & Organizational Development

Understanding and evaluating others is the innate leadership trait and ability to see the individuality in others and to recognize a person’s perspective and how that perspective was formed. Demonstrating brilliance in managing the performance of employees is evident when leaders demonstrate authenticity and drive the right dialogues therein.

The very fact that a performance management process...

By Stacy Ennis: An Interview with Brent Patmos, founder and president of Perpetual Development, Inc., and part of The Complete Leader faculty

When was the last time you set aside time to think? As in, scheduled thinking time on your calendar, “unplugged” from electronics, and thought intentionally about a topic?

For many leaders, the answer is “never.” For Brent Patmos, founder and...

By Brent Patmos
Thinking as a Strategy to Build Your Business
A force multiplier is a factor that can dramatically increase (multiply) the effectiveness of leadership performance and company profitability. For the purpose of our article, clear critical and strategic thinking are a powerful force that you can use to radically multiply your capability as a leader.
Valuing Strategic Thought
As owners and executives, we cannot afford to lead from a position of internal isolation...
By Ron Price
I met Whit Mitchell in 2007 at a national conference of coaches, trainers and consultants.  He went out of his way to introduce himself and took the initiative to build value in our relationship from the start.  This wasn’t a business growth strategy; it is just who he is.  I have never known another person to be as friendly, genuinely interested, and ready to help.
Over the years I’ve had a number of opportunities to observe Whit coaching others, working with teams, and speaking at conferences.  He is uniquely skilled and we are...
By Brent Patmos
In just 30 minutes a day, you can outthink the competition. Thinking specifically about something is regularly interrupted or delayed because of “everything else” that has to get done. The outcome; dedicated thought to a specific topic such as understanding a problem, challenge or advancing performance rarely occurs on a regular basis. It’s much more of a reactionary task than a planned discipline.
There’s no quick fix to performance improvement and that’s why 30 minutes of planned thought every day will have you...

W. James Russell started as a business form salesperson, selling forms out of the trunk of his car. His hard work eventually led to the establishment of a successful business, which received national recognition. But his influence extended beyond sales and profits—his positive impact was felt throughout his entire organization.

An Authentic Leader Who Made a Lasting Impact - W. James Russell

Welcome to TheCompleteLeader.Org. Randy and I started working on the book, The Complete Leader, over three years ago.  Today, we are thrilled to make it available to you. We are passionate about helping leaders grow and optimize their influence in their organizations and their communities. We wrote The Complete Leader to provide practical ideas so that leaders can develop skills that will make a difference both professionally and personally.

I want to use this first blog to give a special thanks to Randy for his dedication and friendship.  Without him, neither the book nor this website would have become a reality...

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