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How to Give and Receive Effective Feedback

By Lisa Nielsen The most valuable lesson I learned in grad school was not a theory, problem-solving technique, or research method. It was learning how others perceived me. For most of my life I’d had a fear of taking up too much space. In the classroom or workplace I was careful not to speak up too often, lest I be perceived as attention-... read more

Fear Not

Identify and Eliminate Fear in Your Organization  By Whit Mitchell A number of years ago my son tried out for the local high school lacrosse team as a freshman. He had played soccer and hockey and thought lacrosse would be a good fit. He would often come home after practice looking a bit bedraggled and discouraged. I attributed it to... read more

A Roadmap for New Leaders

By Trish Candler Take a ride with me on a winding county road, pitch black with no streetlights, only an occasional flicker of a light at the house far away. It is your first time travelling this road at the wee hours of the morning, hours before the rising sun will light the path. The curves are unfamiliar and there are deer-crossing highway... read more

5 Signs Your Business Is Having a Midlife Crisis—And How to Deal With It

By Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster,, March 2016 Midlife crises are fairly easy to recognize in others, but they’re often not so easy to recognize in yourself—and sometimes even more difficult to recognize when it comes to your company. Business owners have always had to grapple with marketplace changes, but now as a seasoned... read more

Community is the New Advertising

By Courtney Feider There is a sea-change afoot in the way the world connects. For a couple of years, this has been brewing in the share economy, manifesting in an explosion of B-Corp businesses, and surfacing in self-published dialogue via social media. In 2016, it’s reached a tipping point and has taken root in the business world, showing up... read more

4 Ways Introverts Can Practice Authenticity at Work

By Andy Johnson,, March 2016 I devote a major portion of my work to serving introverted leaders; however, it’s not uncommon for people to tell me that the phrase “introverted leaders” is an oxymoron. The cultural stereotypes in the United States are so strong that people feel quite comfortable making such statements. Though... read more

Using Interpersonal Skills to Build Relationships

By Ron Price No matter what we want to accomplish in life, little gets done without the cooperation of others.  We interact with employees, employers, customers, suppliers, family members, friends and acquaintances.  All of these represent the myriad of relationships that make life meaningful and successful. As leaders,... read more

You Never Even Call Me by My Name

By Ryan Lisk Yes, that’s a reference to the country song by David Allen Code from 1975.   The customer service department for one of my clients had just completed a weeklong surprise audit by a federal agency, and passed it with flying colors. The happy COO of the company sent out an email to the entire 500-person organization: “I... read more

The Dangers of Radical Candor

By Jay Steven Levin There’s a relevant blog post making the rounds currently that encourages “radical candor in workplace leaders.” It’s both well written and well thought out, and authored by a former Googler. It addresses the need for, as the author puts it, creating “bull****-free zones where people love their work and working together.”... read more

The Power of Assessments

By Whit Mitchell As a CEO, director or manager within your organization, what percent of your time each week, month, quarter, even year do you spend dealing with behavioral issues or communication problems? How often do you drive home from work in a good mood, feeling content with your day? I’d be willing to bet that a satisfying day at work... read more