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Uncontrolled Outbursts Can Lead to Growth

By Jalene Case, One of my clients recently erupted at a coworker when she discovered that confidential information was shared. Normally, she would have calmed down and scheduled a serious discussion with the employee. Before she could do that, they ended up together in a work space with no one else around. The conversation quickly spiraled out... read more

Can We Learn to Be Resilient?

A conversation with Ron Price We are all living through a time of significant turmoil when resiliency is difficult to come by. Even when not in unprecedented times, part of being a leader is facing obstacles and creating change to keep moving forward. Resiliency is simply how you handle those challenges—but it can be the deciding factor on... read more

The Impact Of Women In Leadership

Lori McNeill,, March 2021 In recent years, there has been an emphasis on the professional development of females and the need to provide them with opportunities for leadership positions. Numerous conferences have popped up around the globe for female executives. Companies large and small have implemented programs specifically designed... read more

6 Ways to Innovate Your Business Model

Dr. Evans Baiya,, March 2021 The pandemic has given us all an opportunity to build a new business future. Market disruption equals opportunity for those willing to look and work for it. This is the time to adjust and innovate your business model to market conditions. During COVID and the VUCA season it has created,... read more

Great Leaders Needed

By Ron Price We need great leaders more than ever before. There are so many disruptive forces in the world today that without good leadership we will experience more and more instability and anxiety in our lives and work. Some of these disruptions are good, such as the accelerating advances in science and technology. These will bring dizzying... read more

Using Human Behavior to Make Better Virtual Connections at Work

By Dr. Francis Eberle A year into the pandemic, I have noticed that some people have changed their persona on video calls. Some seem almost as if they are lost, when, before the pandemic, they were energetic and very talkative. Other people seemed to have become more outspoken, when prior they were quieter and more reserved. To understand... read more

Listening Is Hard Work!

By Dr. Lisa Aldisert There’s no way around this: you need to work harder at listening when you’re not face to face. Generally, your people will tell you everything is fine….even when it isn’t. For example, you may check in about progress towards a particular deadline and people will say that they’re on top of it. Maybe they are. But maybe... read more

Blind Spots? Not Me!

By Ron Price Do you have someone in your life who drives you crazy? At least, some of the time? I suspect we all do. Quite often, the thing that frustrates us is that we see something they don’t see. We recognize their behavior as being overly self-serving, egotistical, or even self-limiting. We may feel they shirk responsibility, carry an... read more

How to Choose Between “Want” and “Should”

By Jalene Case Doing what we want to do brings fulfillment and joy. On the other hand, doing what we think we should do can bring discomfort and confusion. The tricky thing is deciding for ourselves what we truly want and will commit to doing. I’ve been working with two executives who are grappling with the decision of whether or not they... read more

New Book Outlines Collaborative Leadership Trend

Given the shifting workplace landscape of the last year, many companies are embracing collaborative leadership as part of their new work strategy. This type of leadership allows for flexibility, shared ownership and personal empowerment, culminating in employees who lead themselves. As remote and hybrid work continues, collaborative leadership has... read more