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Help Your Employees Unleash Creativity

By Dr. Evans Biaya Creativity is the cornerstone of innovation. As a leader, you want to foster imaginative thinking in your employees. The good news is that everybody has imagination. It follows that everybody is capable of coming up with ideas. Whether bad, good, or great, employees bring ideas with them to work every day. So, what’s the... read more

Is the Client Really Always Right?

By Dr. Lisa Aldisert The adage “the client is always right” does not carry the heft that it used to…but it still bears the same kind of angst when deciding how to handle delicate or difficult situations involving our employees. I’ve had clients who are militantly defensive of their clients, even if it’s to the detriment of a solid performing... read more

5 Steps to Build a Culture of Ideation

By Dr. Evans Baiya You could be missing out on $1,237 per employee in untapped ideas. No, really! According to a 2019 study by IdeaScale, each employee has on average $1,237 worth in unused ideas. A separate study also showed that employees come to work with an average of 8 to 10 new ideas every day that could help their work. This... read more

Allow Your Wild & Wonderful Wants to Bloom

A Method to Uncover What You Want By Jalene Case What do you want? This question is simple on the surface but the answers to it can sculpt your life, define your goals, and bring a myriad of emotions from frustration to fulfillment. By declaring what you want, you’re also deciding what you don’t want, and drawing a blueprint from which to... read more

Two Ways to Increase Self-Awareness

By Ron Price I’ve worked with so many leaders over the years that when we talk about self-awareness, I’ve heard it again and again: I don’t really know who I am. I don’t know why I am where I’m at, or how I got here. We have to retrace what caused their decisions about what they studied in school, what their first job was, what roles they... read more

6 Steps to Reinvent Your Future

By Dr. Evans Baiya If there was ever a time to contemplate a reinvention, it’s now. The last year and a half has been challenging for a variety of reasons, and we’ve all collectively experienced it—although in different ways. If you want your future to be different, reinvention is the answer. If you want to find solutions to many of the issues... read more

The New Pandemic

Ron Price,, May 2021 Eight out of 10 American adults have it—you’ve probably caught it. It’s costing you in more ways than you know. In fact, it is estimated to be costing employers an average of $13,400 per employee per year. What is it? Covid-19 Stress! The American Psychological Association reports that the mental health... read more

Are You a Good Boss?

By Dr. Lisa Aldisert A recent episode of The McKinsey Podcast focused on how a boss has a direct impact on health, happiness, and productivity. Now that's quite a bit of influence when you think about it! Tera Allas, McKinsey’s director of research and economics for its UK and Ireland office summarized the research. Happiness on the job is... read more

How an Inner Foundation Can Keep You On-Track

By Jalene Case Life bumped me off-track recently. I needed to catch-up with myself, to remind myself of what matters, to ground myself in who I want to be and how I want to show up. I started by stopping, which isn’t my natural inclination. My default action when I’m overwhelmed is to focus on doing more faster and working longer hours. I’m... read more

Suspending Judgement is a Key Leadership Skill

By Dr. Francis Eberle One of my clients recently had difficulty letting go of some unfair comments from her supervisor. The comments were harsh because the supervisor thought the work was shoddy, but the supervisor had gaps in his knowledge and had overlooked the true quality of the work. My client knew she had to get past the comments, but... read more