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In this short video, TCL faculty member Ron Price talks about how this competency supports a leader’s ability to manage differences and bring parties together.

In this short video, TCL faculty member Andy Johnson talks about how conflict management in the workplace is critical for us to function and move towards performance, outcomes, and all kinds of measures of health.

Three Ways to Be a More Authentic Leader By Ron Price Several weekends ago I stopped for coffee on my way to a leadership retreat, and the barista asked me if I was presenting that morning. I said yes and asked her how she knew. She said that her mother was a sponsor of one of our programs and had talked about me, so she was able to put two... read more

How Identifying and Applying Motivators Keeps Employees Engaged By Mindy Bortness I once worked with a client who had been promoted to assistant manager for a national pet store chain. He had performed well in every other job he had held with the company, but when it came to the routine of his new role, he found himself disenchanted and... read more

As a leader, your job is to help others recognize their natural talents and develop those into strengths, while acknowledging and neutralizing their weaknesses. In this short video, TCL faculty member Ryan Lisk talks about where a person is today and where they want to be in the future.

In this short video, TCL faculty member Whit Mitchel talks about creating a common goal and mission that everyone can agree to.

The Emerging Trend of Looking at Business from an Artist’s Perspective When many of us hear the word “creative,” we so often envision artists and graphic designers. Yet there is a new undercurrent of thought emerging in the business world surrounding creativity and its impact for more than just branding and innovation. Courtney Feider, the... read more

In this short video, TCL faculty member Hasan Tahsin Gungor talks about developing yourself and becoming different than others in order to be authentic.

Tips for Creating a Culture that Values Feedback Giving feedback is critical for any organization that wants to grow and improve, but, as most of us have experienced, it can often be a challenge both to give and to receive. We sat down with team building expert and TCL faculty member Whit Mitchell to talk about the importance of feedback, and... read more

Leaders with an aptitude for written communication have the ability to articulate a written message in a clear and compelling manner. Watch this short video as faculty member Shawn Kent Hayashi talks about the value of developing this important skill.
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