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Create a Goal System that Works for You

13 Ideas to Get Started By Jalene Case Simply setting a goal and expecting to reach it is a recipe for ongoing angst. A goal you truly desire to achieve needs a solid foundation, stepping stones, and tenacious support. Conversations with my clients lately almost always include the mention of goal-setting. While that may sound logical,... read more

5 Ways to Improve Engagement Using Gratitude

By Jessica Lizza, It goes without saying that 2020 has been a weird year, and this might cause burn out in your team. How can you help your employees feel connected and engaged this holiday season? We brainstormed a few ways we could inspire our team to stay engaged; gratitude activities was the first thing that came to everyone’s mind.... read more

How Can Challenges Inspire You To Think Differently

Dr. Francis,, November 2020 When I was in graduate school for my doctoral degree, I submitted a paper to a well-respected professor. Afterward, he asked to meet and inquired whether English was my second language. It wasn’t. At the time, I was working full time, had a young family and commuted 1.5 hours each way to the school several... read more

7 Powerful Results of Nuturing Innovation

Dr. Evans Baiya,, November 2020 In my work, I hear a lot of reasons why people don't engage in innovation: "That's not part of my job description." "I'm not and idea person." "Innovation doesn't really apply to my industry." "We don't need innovation right now. Our company is doing just fine." "Our workforce is already well trained." "... read more

5 Tips to Habits that Fit Your Life Now

By Jalene Case Positive habits result in a sweet sense of satisfaction. Are your habits doing that for you? If not, it might be time to strengthen the routines you want to keep and toss the ones that no longer serve you. This is personal for me. My habits have changed dramatically to fit a 35-year corporate career, two years of traveling by... read more

ZOOMED! How to Make Your Next Call Memorable

By Whit Mitchell What are you looking at during your Zoom calls? How do I look….is my hair working today…what are others wearing…what books are on their bookshelf….why are they not showing their face…..I love their artwork….who keeps walking by in the background….I hear people speaking…turn on your mute. Albert Mehrabian developed a... read more

Growing Our Circle of Control

By Ron Price “We can choose our thoughts, attitudes and actions, but we cannot choose the consequences of our thoughts, attitudes and actions, because whatever we sow will be multiplied back to us.” Price Family Proverb In a time of turmoil and uncertainty, it makes a big difference what we focus on. We can fill our days and minds with fear... read more

The 3 Recovery Killers That Will Stymie Your Post-Pandemic Comeback

Dr. Evans Baiya,, October 2020 The business world has been significantly disrupted by the pandemic. During situations of macro disruption, most people look for ways to first survive and eventually emerge from the circumstances stronger and better. As they do this, most leaders attempt to re-create past success—to go back to what... read more
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