Introverted Leaders and Conflict Resolution

Interview with Andy Johnson, wsRadio, July 2015

On this edition of The Doug Noll Show, we have with us Andy Johnson. Andy Johnson is an executive coach and team health specialist with Price Associates. He specializes in working with yin leaders and with teams in preventing, resolving conflict and moving toward health. Andy is the author of 3 books: · The End of Conflict (2013) – faith based look at subject of conflict from biblical perspective · Pushing Back Entropy (2014) – psychological / systems-based look at conflict prevention and healthy team development · Introvert Revolution (2015) – examination of the bias in Western culture toward extroversion, helping introverted leaders work back through the cultural impact

Andy began his journey as an architect and then moved over to ministry in a church sphere and worked on that space for a while and encountered a fair amount of conflict in the church. There is where conflict really became a passion and a driving force in Andy’s life. The rest of his journey has been as a counselor and now he is an executive coach.Read more.