Time is Money: The Value of Taking Time for Yourself

Time is currency, especially for leaders. This constant transaction creates heightened pressure to perform. Leaders find themselves with more responsibility and less time, and once you've maxed out productivity, systems can start to break down. Something has got to give, and usually the first things to go are those activities that relate to personal health.

The key is to make - and take - the time. As a leader, it's easy to focus most of your energy on leading others, but "Leading by example is the idea behind leading yourself," according to Ron Price and Randy Lisk.

There are myriad ways that leaders can reinvest in themselves - journaling, reading, meditation, exercise. The key is not the activity; it's the time.

Take some time to explore and evaluate your mastery of the five competencies under Leaders Lead Themselves:

  • Self-management - the ability to prioritize and decide what to do
  • Personal accountability - the ability to take responsibility for actions and results created by you
  • Flexibility - the ability to change plans to match reality
  • Resiliency - the ability to persevere and keep going when difficulties arise
  • Goal achievement - the ability to execute to get desired results

It is easy to recognize leaders who are skilled at leading themselves. Is your team mastering this tenant? The Complete Leader can help.

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