Sample Leadership Assessment

The 25 questions in the sample leadership assessment below were taken from the 125-question comprehensive assessment that is available to members to measure their mastery of the 25 competencies included in The Complete Leader. Interested in taking the complete assessment? Click here to join our community.

Rate your skills in each competency by moving the scale/indicator or inserting the appropriate number. Your results will be tabulated automatically.
  1. I maintain a good balance between taking care of myself and getting my work completed on time.
  2. I am always conscious of managing my response to how I react to people and situations.
  3. I have a clear understanding of priorities and what matters most in my work.
  4. I can work independently without direct supervision to accomplish goals.
  5. I am able to maintain a relaxed focus and “present moment awareness” throughout my workday without periods of hyperactivity or low energy.
  6. I do not make excuses or blame others when I fail to deliver on a commitment.
  7. I do what needs to be done without getting distracted by lesser points.
  8. I take the responsibility to know and negotiate the expectations others have toward me and ask for feedback.
  9. I accept responsibility for my emotions, behaviors and results.
  10. I learn from my mistakes and failures to help me improve performance with future assignments.
  11. I have a set of written goals for my personal and professional life.
  12. I take action quickly to accomplish my goals.
  13. I have strategies and specific processes I use to accomplish my professional and personal goals.
  14. I share my goals with one or more associates or friends as a way to be accountable for results.
  15. I track my results and achieve 80 percent or more of my written goals.
  16. I am willing to use my influence to persuade others based on my convictions.
  17. I intentionally build trust (rather than intimidation, coercion or pulling rank) as the foundation for effective persuasion.
  18. I generally have a high level of credibility with others that makes persuasion easier to achieve.
  19. When seeking to persuade others, I lead with carefully developed logic and follow with passion or conviction.
  20. I am transparent in persuading others, and I do not manipulate or use tricks to gain their agreement.
  21. My “enemies” are minimal and see themselves as such by their choice, not mine.
  22. I enjoy knowing and working with people from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and experiences.
  23. I find it easy to establish new relationships that are substantive and mutually beneficial.
  24. I maintain some type of database of key relationships, and I review it regularly to consider how we can help and support each other.
  25. I am consciously aware of the value inherent in asking questions and affirming others

Sample Assessment Results Form