Presentation Skills: The Ability to Reach Everyone

In this short video Ron Feher, owner of WhiteRock Business Solutions, gives you tools to evaluate your Presentation ability, and actions to take today to improve this leadership skill.

Honing Presenting Skills

Host Dale Dixon and The Complete Leader co-author Ron Price discuss the importance of presenting skills for a leader. They talk about why the digital era has helped people get more exposure to speaking, and in turn become more comfortable with their own unique presenting styles. And Dale, who is a speaking coach, gives a series of tips for creating a presentation (from start to finish) that will engage and inspire audiences.

TCL Video Series: Presenting Skills with Shawn Kent Hayashi

In this short video, TCL faculty member Shawn Kent Hayashi talks about common obstacles that affect presenting skills and how to overcome them.

TLC Video Series: Presenting Skills with Dale Dixon

In this short video, Dale Dixon talks about the importance of leaders having strong presenting skills and being your authentic self.

How to Give a Killer Presentation

By Harvard Business Review

Lessons from TED by Chris Anderson, June 2013

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Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

TTI TriMetrix® HD: Presenting Skills

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