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TCL Video Series: Planning & Organization with Brent Patmos

Tomorrow’s leaders will use planning and organization to cast a broad net around what might happen, and to create a plan that is robust enough to respond to the unknown. As part of The Complete Leader video series, faculty member Brent Patmos talks about Planning and Organization as one of the necessary competencies in pursuing leadership excellence.

Creative Thinking: Innovation's Starting Point

creative thinkingCreativity in leadership is an often-underused competency. But even if you’re not operating in a traditionally “creative” industry, the benefits of innovation in any sector can’t be ignored. The truth is that creativity in business takes many forms—from the development of new or improved processes, to innovation in products and services, to general problem solving. 

$100K savings for TCL program participant

Superior Farms has been an employee-owned company through its Employee Stock Ownership Plan for years, and recently engaged in new efforts to continue to enhance its culture of true ownership and teamwork. To facilitate and support this transition, Superior Farms turned to The Complete Leader (TCL) program. The TCL faculty has been working with the Superior Farms leadership team for a year, and the company has already seen significant gains, both monetarily and with its employees. 

5 Ways to run the Circus when Bozo is at the Top

By Mindy Bortness, Communication Works, Inc.

It’s a story that’s too true, way too often. You’re working endlessly, trying to deliver a profit, or systemize a department, or implement an initiative, and it feels like your own leadership is working against you.

You’re engaged. You’re motivated. You won’t give up. So what do you do? Here are a handful of strategies you can implement to keep the audience engaged under the Big Top.

Hospital Uses Employee Morale, Leadership Program to Increase Profits

 Hospital Uses Employee Morale, Leadership Program to Increase Profits by $4.5 Million

By TTI Success Insights®, Zack Colick

This is a case study on how a Maine-based hospital was on a "skid" and in the red $2.5 million. Read more about the situation, the solution and the results!

The Hidden Trait Every Leader Needs and How to Get It


The most recognized leadership traits tend to fall in to two categories: behavioral traits such as a personality or people skills and character traits such as integrity or empathy. While behavioral and character traits are certainly indicators of leadership, the most important leadership trait is also the most hidden: intrinsic value.

Coaching the Doctrine of Excellence

Leadership is Not for the Faint of Heart

By Ron Price
Sooner or later, every leader’s journey includes a healthy dose of problems. Why?
A friend once told me leaders are like teabags—you don’t see their true colors until you put them in hot water. Here are some suggestions for responding to the problems you will encounter as a leader:

From Underdog to Undefeated

A tribute video of 2011 NCAA wrestling champion Anthony Robles.

Anthony Robles (born July 20, 1988) is a wrestler who won the 2010-11 NCAA individual wrestling championship in the 125-pound weight class despite being born with only one leg. He is the author of the book Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion (Gotham Books), which went on-sale September 27, 2012.

Bridging the Gap

"In general, there are five to seven competencies that leaders need to master—and then everything else falls into place. These competencies can be organized into three categories: (1) Thinking things through clearly and making good decisions, (2) Getting things done and personal accountability, and (3) Connecting with and through other people."

- Ron Price

A Case Study: Developing Transformational Leadership

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