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Do Leaders Need to Be Liked?

By Whit Mitchell

It’s a question that many leaders have considered: “Do I need to be liked by my employees?” 

The short answer is no, you don’t. People come to work every day, and don’t have to befriend the people they are working with, but there is one component that must be present—that is respect. 

Seeing Our Blind Spots

Today our guest is Whit Mitchell, executive coach and team dynamics specialist with Price Associates, and the author of Working In Sync. Whit talks about how identifying your blind spots can help you grow as a leader, and how those closest to you are the ideal group to help you see your blind spots—both good and bad. He details the most effective methods to get feedback, how to encourage open and honest communication, and why coaches are important at every level.

How Leaders Can Help Employees Through Change


By Whit Mitchell

For many people, change can be uncomfortable. They find comfort in the way things have been done and instinctively try to go back to the way things were. Back to where patterns are known, and there are no surprises. 

Others see change as an opportunity to be more creative and be more opportunistic.
Some people love change, but most don’t.

Culture Creates Results: Refining Your Company Culture for Improved Engagement

In this video, Ron Price and The Complete Leader faculty members Whit Mitchell, Courtney Feider and Dr. Ranjit Nair discuss 5 things that leaders can do really well, the advantages of using target training international tools, and tips for giving and receiving feedback.

The One Characteristic That All Teams Must Have

By Whit Mitchell

No team can succeed without trust. It’s the driving force that creates an environment of commitment, connection, and respect that ultimately helps a team succeed and go the extra mile. 

Your Inner Circle is the Key to Becoming a Better Leader

Find out how in this week’s podcast when we talk with executive advisor and team dynamics specialist Whit Mitchell about the process of Inner Circle Coaching and its dramatic ability to create tight-knit teams and move the bottom line. Whit Mitchell is an author, speaker, and business advisor with Price Associates. www.price-associates.com Follow Whit @WorkingInSync

Fear Not

Identify and Eliminate Fear in Your Organization 

By Whit Mitchell

A number of years ago my son tried out for the local high school lacrosse team as a freshman. He had played soccer and hockey and thought lacrosse would be a good fit. He would often come home after practice looking a bit bedraggled and discouraged. I attributed it to the fact he had never played and was a freshman.

The Power of Assessments

By Whit Mitchell

As a CEO, director or manager within your organization, what percent of your time each week, month, quarter, even year do you spend dealing with behavioral issues or communication problems?

How often do you drive home from work in a good mood, feeling content with your day? I’d be willing to bet that a satisfying day at work has more to do with the behaviors of those around you than it does with their skills. And the opposite is true when you’ve had a bad day. 

TCL Video Series: Interpersonal Skills with Whit Mitchell

Interpersonal skills are important for a leader because the people that are working for you need to feel connected. In this video, TCL member Whit Mitchell shares his insights on the great things that can happen in your company when you care about and are sincere with your employees. 

TCL Video Series: Teamwork with Whit Mitchell

In this short video, TCL faculty member Whit Mitchel talks about creating a common goal and mission that everyone can agree to.

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