understanding & evaluating others

TCL Video Series: Understanding & Evaluating Others with Ron Price

Understanding and evaluating others is the ability to see the individuality in others and to recognize a person’s unique point of view. TCL faculty member Ron Price shares his insights on this important leadership competency.

The Secret to Creating Star Employees

How Identifying and Applying Motivators Keeps Employees Engaged

By Mindy Bortness

I once worked with a client who had been promoted to assistant manager for a national pet store chain. He had performed well in every other job he had held with the company, but when it came to the routine of his new role, he found himself disenchanted and disengaged. His manager couldn’t figure out why he was suddenly an average employee instead of the star employee the team had come to expect.  

Growing Your Company's Succession Pipeline

Tips for Identifying and Developing Emerging Leaders

A recent study by Chief Learning Officer magazine showed that the top goal for CEOs regarding leadership development is growing the succession pipeline, followed by retaining high potentials. 

TCL Video Series: Identifying Emerging Leaders with Ron Price

In this short video, TCL faculty member Ron Price talks about how to identify emerging leaders within your company and determine who should be running your organization in the future.

Get the Top Button in the Right Hole

The Importance of Understanding and Evaluating Others for Success

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