Building Your High-Performing Team

Our guest is Whit Mitchell, who is an executive coach and team dynamics specialist with Price Associates. Whit is also a speaker and the author of Working In Sync. Whit shares the ingredients needed for a high-performing team, tools for attaining greater self-awareness, and tips to become more aware of the other people on your team. Whit also talks about the power of reading body language and recognizing tone. 

The Dynamics of High Performing Teams

In this video, Ron Price and The Complete Leader faculty members Whit Mitchell, Andy Johnson and Dr. Ranjit Nair discuss their experiences building and working with teams, understanding conflict and behavioral differences, and a 5 component model for teams. 

The One Factor That Makes Teams More Productive

by Steve Morris 

A couple of engineers calculated that two Legos can be combined in 24 different configurations. Three come together in 1,560 ways and six can be configured in 915 million combinations.  If this is true, how complex are the interactions between six people on a team? 

Healthy Teams Finish First—The 5 Dimensions of Team Health

This week our guest is Andy Johnson, who is an executive coach and team health specialist with Price Associates, a speaker, and the author of several books, including Pushing Back Entropy: Moving Teams from Conflict to Health. Andy tells us about his life-changing work with teams, and the revolution that is occurring around emotional intelligence in the workplace. He also shares the five measurable dimensions of team health: character, cohesiveness, clarity, communication, and consequences.

The Opportunities and Challenges of Family-Owned Businesses

In this video, Ron Price and The Complete Leader faculty members Lisa Aldisert, Brent Patmos and Andy Johnson discuss their experiences with family-owned businesses, tips for dealing with challenges and the importance of sustaining strong family relationships for business growth.

The One Characteristic That All Teams Must Have

By Whit Mitchell

No team can succeed without trust. It’s the driving force that creates an environment of commitment, connection, and respect that ultimately helps a team succeed and go the extra mile. 

Leadership Lessons I Learned as a Quarterback and Coach

By Skip Hall

Before becoming a speaker and leadership advisor, I coached college football for 30 years, and played quarterback in both high school and college for eight years. That’s 38 years worth of sports lessons, which has proved to be a rich repository for lessons in both life and business as well. 

Coaching the Doctrine of Excellence--Simple Principles for Success In Sports, Business & Life

Coach Skip Hall joins us today to talk about some of the key principles in the Doctrine of Excellence, a program he has been coaching for over 40 years to recruit and retain successful teams. Coach Hall touches on three of these ideas, and talks about how the same principles that make you successful in the athletic arena can also make you successful in the business arena. Skip Hall is an author, speaker, and business advisor with Price Associates.

TCL Video Series: Teamwork with Whit Mitchell

In this short video, TCL faculty member Whit Mitchel talks about creating a common goal and mission that everyone can agree to.

3 Lessons Your Team Can Learn From the Sport of Rowing

By Whit Mitchell, All Business Experts, April 2015

Have you ever been on a high-performing team? I mean truly high performing, where the synchronicity of all members is so fine-tuned that it feels effortless the harder you push?

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