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Take Ownership with Accountability Questions


By Steve and Jill Morris

Organizational Accountability is owning the consequences of your choices in delivering the agreed-to results that everyone owns but no one person controls, and helping other people do the same.

This definition requires that you to set up clear accountabilities based on agreed-to results, otherwise you are leaving accountability to chance.

Flexibility: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

In this short video, Choice Works founder and TCL Faculty Member Steve Morris talks about Flexibility as a Leadership skill. He discusses how flexibility can be defined in many different ways depending on the circumstance.

Personal Accountability: Driving Expectations

In this short video, Choice Works founder and TCL Faculty Member Steve Morris talks about Personal Accountability as a leader. He discusses the Triangle of Choice, and how it can help you gain clarity and self-evaluation.

The Machine That Runs Your Life


Today our guest is Steve Morris, who is a leadership consultant, the coauthor of Leadership Simple, and a partner at Choice Works. Steve defines the machine that runs your life, talks about the algorithm that explains everything human beings do, and identifies the three key elements that make up the triangle of choice. He gives us three questions to ask ourselves for increased self-awareness.

The One Factor That Makes Teams More Productive

by Steve Morris 

A couple of engineers calculated that two Legos can be combined in 24 different configurations. Three come together in 1,560 ways and six can be configured in 915 million combinations.  If this is true, how complex are the interactions between six people on a team? 

The Complexity of Conflict

Tips for Managing Conflict in the Workplace

By Steve & Jill Morris

Conflict is a part of life, especially in the business world where differing opinions and personalities can lead to a variety of conflicting situations. The key to developing effective conflict management skills is learning more about conflict and how it can be managed. 

4 Strategies For Clearly Communicating Expectations

By Steve Morris, Fast Company, June 2015

We once worked with Jack, a new leader who was having trouble getting his small team of programmers to deliver computer code on time and at the quality he expected.

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