Leaders are Authentic

Leaders’ Personalities: Determined or Developed?

By Andy Johnson

A significant portion of my work as an executive coach involves assisting existing and emerging leaders to accept themselves.  A big part of who they are, the part they often need to fully embrace, is their personality.  The following question frequently comes up, “Is my personality inherited or developed?”  Before I answer that question, let me define some important terms.

Build a Creative Brand One Person at a Time

Today our guest is Courtney Feider, who is a creative disruption strategist, speaker and business advisor with Price Associates. Courtney talks about the importance of cultivating creativity in your organization and making sure your culture is authentic. She also talks about the four paradigm shifts that are happening in business today, and how you can leverage them within your company. 

Indignity, Indignance, & Introversion

How Yin Leaders Can Respond to Indignity

By Andy Johnson

“You need to be funnier.” 

“You’re just too serious.” 

These are examples of two cards played against me on significant occasions that led to painful career path alterations. 

Authenticity: The Foundation For Trust

In this short video, Ron Price speaks to us about how to know if you are being authentic and how to build authenticity.

4 Ways Introverts Can be Authentic Leaders

By Andy Johnson, strategymagazine.com, April 2016

TCL Video Series: Authenticity with Ron price

Being authentic is knowing your natural talent and doing everything you can to become the best version of you. In this short video, Ron Price shares his insights on the best ways to be authentic in your personal life and as a leader.

4 Ways Introverts Can Practice Authenticity at Work

By Andy Johnson, AllBusiness.com, March 2016

I devote a major portion of my work to serving introverted leaders; however, it’s not uncommon for people to tell me that the phrase “introverted leaders” is an oxymoron.

TCL Video Series: Authenticity with Justin Foster

In this short video, TCL faculty member Justin Foster discusses two different ways you can lack authenticity and how The Complete Leader can help you to overcome them.

Advanced Authenticity

Advanced Authenticity

Taking Leadership to the Next Level

By Ron Price

We talk a lot about authenticity in leadership. In fact, we dedicate an entire section to it in The Complete Leader. This is because the most empowering leadership competency is being authentically who you are. Once you discover and embrace your authentic self, you’ll see that the world opens up and in fact there are many levels of authenticity. I’d like to address two stages of advanced authenticity for leaders.

The Pursuit of Authenticity

Three Ways to Be a More Authentic Leader
By Ron Price

Several weekends ago I stopped for coffee on my way to a leadership retreat, and the barista asked me if I was presenting that morning. I said yes and asked her how she knew. She said that her mother was a sponsor of one of our programs and had talked about me, so she was able to put two and two together. I considered what she might have thought if I had been grumpy or hadn’t been congruent with what I teach others. 

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