Justin Foster

The Hidden Opportunity of Insecurity

By Justin Foster

No leader is 100% confident all of the time. Sure, leaders are expected to be confident and certain during pivotal moments, but we also understand that they are human. When rolling challenges arise, fatigue and stress numb the senses, and eventually insecurity begins to emerge. The difference between a great leader and a poor leader is how he or she views insecurity. 

How to Master Modern Marketing

Our guest today is Justin Foster, cofounder of the branding firm Root + River, speaker, author, and TCL Faculty member. Justin tells us why leadership is integral to branding, why strategy and branding must be in alignment, and why telling stories is the best foundation for marketing. He also gives us the three steps to his “peanut butter and jelly” tactic.

How to Create a Focused Brand

Today our guest is Justin Foster, who is an Austin-based brand strategist and the cofounder of Root + River. Justin tells us how growing up on a ranch shaped his business life, and why creating a focused brand is the best way to grow your company. Learn how to determine what your brand should be, three things to do to get there, and the power of creating a heart-based message to reach your audience. Follow Justin at @fosterthinking

Leading Is Branding

In this week’s podcast, we talk with Justin Foster, cofounder of Root + River, author, speaker, and TCL Faculty Member. Justin tells us about the paradigm shift in the way companies think about branding and leadership. We learn why every positive and negative brand decision can be traced back to a leadership decision, and why everyone in an organization has a responsibility for its brand. Justin also shares three ways that leaders can improve their brands. Follow Justin @fosterthinking

5 Signs Your Business Is Having a Midlife Crisis—And How to Deal With It

By Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster, AllBusiness.com, March 2016

Midlife crises are fairly easy to recognize in others, but they’re often not so easy to recognize in yourself—and sometimes even more difficult to recognize when it comes to your company.

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