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Hiring the Right People for Your Company

Our guest is Dr. Ranjit Nair, a leadership and talent management advisor with Price Associates, speaker and author. Dr. Nair is a former HR executive who helps companies build talent strategies that are aligned to company goals. Today he tells us why hiring is more challenging than ever, and shares his tips for hiring the right fit, opportunities for improvement in the interview process, and the four necessary measurements of job benchmarking.

“The Greatest” Change


By Trish Candler

In my home town we recently buried a local hero, known around the world as Muhammad Ali. There have been many commentaries on his life, his courage, his greatness and his ability to connect to so many different types of people. Just consider his eulogists – and the life experiences they described.

This is not another story of the lengthy attributes of Ali though many are still to be written. My focus is on change.

How Leaders Can Help Employees Through Change


By Whit Mitchell

For many people, change can be uncomfortable. They find comfort in the way things have been done and instinctively try to go back to the way things were. Back to where patterns are known, and there are no surprises. 

Others see change as an opportunity to be more creative and be more opportunistic.
Some people love change, but most don’t.

The New Leadership Pathway: Ron Price at ATD International Conference


I recently had the privilege of attending and speaking at the 2016 International Conference of the Association for Talent Development (www.td.org). Over 10,000 attendees from around the world gathered in Denver, Colorado to share their common interests in identifying, developing and promoting talent at work.

Culture Creates Results: Refining Your Company Culture for Improved Engagement

In this video, Ron Price and The Complete Leader faculty members Whit Mitchell, Courtney Feider and Dr. Ranjit Nair discuss 5 things that leaders can do really well, the advantages of using target training international tools, and tips for giving and receiving feedback.

The Value of Making Happiness a Priority at Work

This week we chat with Valerie Alexander, who is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker and author of several books. Valerie’s colorful career path—as a former securities lawyer, investment banker and screenwriter—gives her a unique approach to company culture. Valerie talks to us about the cost of unhappy employees, the biggest cause of workplace unhappiness, the #1 factor that motivates employees, and simple tips to create more happiness at work.

Therapy for Thought Leaders


Why Big Thinkers Need Support
By Courtney Feider

Thought leaders are top of the heap. They're breaking new ground, developing innovative products and services, educating the masses, and generally making a difference in the world. There's just one problem: if they are supporting everyone else, who is supporting the thought leaders?  

7 Questions to Consider Before Developing In-House Technology for Your Business

By Dr. Evans Baiya, AllBusiness.com, May 2016

Embracing the latest technology can help companies advance their processes, expand to new markets, improve customer experiences, and even attract younger employees.

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