Complete Leader

133. Building Resilience in Challenging Times (Series Ep. 2)


Host Dale Dixon and TCL Author and Founder Ron Price continue their conversation about Resiliency. Ron gives ideas to increase Resiliency in the five areas he defined in Part 1, using the three steps to success. Dale and Ron dive into the five facets of Resiliency and how to set goals to begin to work on each. They discuss the importance of stress and recovery in the process, and Ron shares his three favorite quotes about Resilience.

Leading Others: Making Big Decisions


This week, Host Dale Dixon and TCL Founder Ron Price discuss decision making—particularly big decisions and their impact. They review the kinds of decisions that are critical and the ones that leaders may need new skills to make. Ron talks about big decisions that create focus, shape the future and impact people, and the skills leaders need to make better decisions. They also discuss the role of instinct in decision making.

Leading Yourself: Managing Your Emotions


Leading yourself emotionally begins with self-awareness. In this episode, host Dale Dixon and TCL author and advisor Ron Price discuss the role of emotions in leadership, unpacking the four primary emotions and exercises to grow awareness over time, including how to transition from stoicism to experiencing emotions. Ron talks about the positive and negative emotions that can put you at risk, the space between stimulus and response, and how to use emotions to help you do greater things.

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