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Legitimate Leadership Authenticity: The Great Debate


By Chip Scholz

I hear a lot of buzz around the words “authentic leadership”. Some demand more, while others debate its meaning. Regardless, smart leaders recognize the cries of dissatisfaction and seek ways to engage others with passion, authenticity and long-term value.

Legitimate leadership authenticity begins with self-knowledge: your values, thoughts, and actions. It carries with it a set of moral obligations. Leaders must avoid deception, contradiction, hidden agendas and ulterior motives. 

Creative Insights Boost Performance

How can leaders improve their ability to have creative insights and breakthrough ideas that drive performance improvements? 

There’s tremendous pressure on leaders in organizations to improve performance, not only productivity but quality services and innovations as well.

Do You Work for an Authentic Leader?

Do You Work for an Authentic Leader?
By Chip Scholz
The Scholz Report, February 2015

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