The Tie Between Flexibility & Relevance


3 Reasons Leaders Struggle with Flexibility

“Think about a tall tree when the wind is blowing. The tree, which looks rigid on a calm day, moves and bends with the wind. It is flexible when under stress but not so flexible that it blows over.” The Complete Leader: Everything You Need to Become a High Performing Leader by Ron Price & Randy Lisk

The Power of Self-Management

Why this often overlooked, yet impactful competency defines a leader

“Self-management isn’t something we typically ask leaders to develop. The successful leaders I get to work with are able to work independently, prioritize activities and accomplish high-quality work with clarity of focus. These are the tenants of effective self-management,” says Trish Candler, the newest member of the TCL faculty. 

3 American Cultural Aspects That Don’t Fit Introverts

Culture is the water we swim in and the air we breathe. It constantly informs all that we think, feel and do. Geert Hofstede is a Dutch psychologist that studies different cultures around the globe. He has developed a tool that measures six aspects of different societies. Three of the six American cultural measurements clash with introversion. Let me explain

Advanced Authenticity

Advanced Authenticity

Taking Leadership to the Next Level

By Ron Price

We talk a lot about authenticity in leadership. In fact, we dedicate an entire section to it in The Complete Leader. This is because the most empowering leadership competency is being authentically who you are. Once you discover and embrace your authentic self, you’ll see that the world opens up and in fact there are many levels of authenticity. I’d like to address two stages of advanced authenticity for leaders.

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