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The Hidden Strengths of Introvert Leaders


This week we talk with Team Health Specialist and Coach to Yin Leaders, Andy Johnson, about Introverted Leaders. He expands on the definition of introversion, the often hidden strengths of introverted leaders, and the need for complementary leadership. Learn how you can better understand and leverage the introverted leaders in your company. Andy Johnson is an executive coach to yin leaders and teams with Price Associates ( and a faculty member of The Complete Leader leadership development program.

3 American Cultural Aspects That Don’t Fit Introverts

Culture is the water we swim in and the air we breathe. It constantly informs all that we think, feel and do. Geert Hofstede is a Dutch psychologist that studies different cultures around the globe. He has developed a tool that measures six aspects of different societies. Three of the six American cultural measurements clash with introversion. Let me explain

Ambiverts Bridge Introverts and Extroverts. But Isn't That Just Everybody?


Featuring Andy Johnson,, December 2015

From backstage, you hear a crowd beginning to gather. As the hum of conversation grows, your confidence begins to ebb. Within seconds, your mouth is a desert, your heart is a hummingbird and your mind is a forest of doubt. You're much more comfortable talking to people one-on-one, and the prospect of walking on stage is a veritable nightmare. Then you take a deep breath and do just that.

Yin v. Yang in the Workplace:

Four Steps to Reframe Conflict

There are several reasons why any one of us could feel a bit out of sync with others in the workplace. This is especially true for yin leaders. What’s a yin leader?

A yin leader is someone who doesn’t fit the Western extroverted stereotype of leadership, but who leverages an alternative set of competencies and natural talent patterns to lead in a different way.

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