Complete Leader Videos

Resiliency: The Ability to Bounce Back From Adversity

In this short video, The Complete Leader faculty and executive advisor, Dr. Lisa Aldisert speaks to us about characteristics that define a resilient leader and ways for leaders to improve their resiliency.

Self-Management with Hasan Tashin Gungor

In this short video, TCL faculty member Hasan Tahsin Gungor discusses how poor self-management and leadership can not coincide and ways to improve your self-management skills.

Authenticity: Learning to be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

In this short video Rodger Price, founder of Leading by DESIGN, speaks to us about Authenticity. He shares his reasons for why authenticity is important for a leader and how assessment tools can help you determine how authentic you really are.

Empathy: The Platform for Which Engagement Happens

In this short video Jay Steven Levin, certified EQ Coach, Behavioral Analyst and Mediatorc, speaks to us about the characteristics of leaders that naturally possess empathy and how to determine your capacity for empathy. 

Conflict Management: The Real Bottom Line

In this short video Jill Morris, partner and founder of ChoiceWorks Inc, speaks to us about conflict management. She shares her definition of conflict and gives us tips for developing conflict management skills. 

Evolution of Creatives in the Workplace

In this short video, Price Associates team member and creative disruption strategist, Courtney Feider discusses the value of creativity in the workplace and the process to becoming a creative leader. 

Authenticity: The Foundation For Trust

In this short video, Ron Price speaks to us about how to know if you are being authentic and how to build authenticity.

The Dynamics of High Performing Teams

In this video, Ron Price and The Complete Leader faculty members Whit Mitchell, Andy Johnson and Dr. Ranjit Nair discuss their experiences building and working with teams, understanding conflict and behavioral differences, and a 5 component model for teams. 

Becoming The Complete Leader

In this video, Ron Price and The Complete Leader faculty members Lisa Aldisert and Dr. Ranjit Nair discuss what it means to be a complete leader and the skill sets that are essential to successful leadership.

Introverts, Extroverts and Ambiverts in the Workplace

In this video, Ron Price and The Complete Leader faculty members Courtney Feider, Andy Johnson and Rodger Price discuss the definition of Ambiverts, stereotypes and misconceptions of Introverts and how recognizing the many  facets of a person makes us better leaders.