Complete Leader Videos

TCL Video Series: Authenticity with Hasan Tahsin Gungor

In this short video, TCL faculty member Hasan Tahsin Gungor talks about developing yourself and becoming different than others in order to be authentic.

TCL Video Series: Written Communication with Shawn Kent Hayashi

Leaders with an aptitude for written communication have the ability to articulate a written message in a clear and compelling manner. Watch this short video as faculty member Shawn Kent Hayashi talks about the value of developing this important skill.

TCL Video Series: Identifying Emerging Leaders with Ron Price

In this short video, TCL faculty member Ron Price talks about how to identify emerging leaders within your company and determine who should be running your organization in the future.

TCL Video Series: Interpersonal Skills with Justin Foster

The Complete Leader faculty member Justin Foster talks about the competency of interpersonal skills for leaders - how it needs to be "activated" and how to go about this.

TCL Video Series: Diplomacy and Tact with Brent Patmos

Leaders who possess diplomacy and tact treat others fairly in a sensitive and effective way, regardless of personal biases or beliefs. In this short video, Brent Patmos talks about this often misunderstood leadership competency.

TCL Video Series: Persuasion with Ryan Lisk

TCL faculty member Ryan Lisk talks about the importance of improving your ability of persuasion in a logical and reasonable manner.

TCL Video Series: Customer Focus with Whit Mitchell

TCL faculty member Whit Mitchell talks about how Customer focus is recalling from day one that the most important customers you have are the people who are directly reporting to you.

TLC Video Series: Presenting Skills with Dale Dixon

In this short video, Dale Dixon talks about the importance of leaders having strong presenting skills and being your authentic self.

TCL Video Series: Employee Development and Coaching with Mindy Bortness

Effective employee development and coaching facilitates the professional growth of others. Successful leaders create more leaders. In this short video, TCL faculty member Mindy Bortness talks about how to bring out the best in people.

TCL Video Series: Empathy with Andy Johnson

In this short video, Andy Johnson talks about how mastering this leadership skill will allow today's leaders to operate on an entirely different level, especially with millennials.