Complete Leader Podcasts

The Value of Making Happiness a Priority at Work

This week we chat with Valerie Alexander, who is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker and author of several books. Valerie’s colorful career path—as a former securities lawyer, investment banker and screenwriter—gives her a unique approach to company culture. Valerie talks to us about the cost of unhappy employees, the biggest cause of workplace... read more

Write Well: How Your Written Word Makes an Impression

This week we talk with Dr. David Pate, President & CEO of St. Luke’s Health System in Boise, Idaho. Dr. Pate discusses the importance of clarity in writing, especially as a leader. He makes the case that poor writing demonstrates a general lack of care, which can be hazardous when people are forming opinions in your absence. Dr. Pate shares... read more

A Roadmap for Customer Focus

This week we talk with Greg Mayes, financial advisor and owner of Mayes Financial, about his special brand of customer focus. Greg has formed his business around building customer relationships, and he shares his three tips for creating customer focus within your own company. He discusses the importance of being genuine and making decisions in... read more

Self-Awareness—The Number One Leadership Competency

Today we talk with Ron Price, executive advisor, speaker, author and CEO of Price Associates about the power of self-awareness. Ron tells us why self-awareness is the most important leadership skill, and gives some practical ways to develop self-awareness. He discusses why self-awareness can sometimes be challenging, but how great leaders must... read more

Crisis Preparation for Family Business

Today our guest is Brent Patmos, CEO of Perpetual Development. Brent talks with us about the challenges that family businesses face, and why incoming leaders often have to be responsible for developing themselves. Brent shares the traits that separate thriving companies, as well as the four components needed to prepare for crisis in family... read more

The Biggest Exit Planning Mistake That Owners Make

Today we chat with Bill Tom, Certified Exit Planning Advisor and Managing Partner of Infoquest, about common mistakes in that business owners make around exit planning. Bill tells us how to begin to plan your exit strategy, why planning strategically is a must, and how to create a self-healing organization for maximum value.

Leading Is Branding

In this week’s podcast, we talk with Justin Foster, cofounder of Root + River, author, speaker, and TCL Faculty Member. Justin tells us about the paradigm shift in the way companies think about branding and leadership. We learn why every positive and negative brand decision can be traced back to a leadership decision, and why everyone in an... read more

Revolving Doors and Sleepless Nights

This week on The Complete Leader podcast, we talk with Mindy Bortness, who is a business advisor and the CEO of Communication Works, Inc. Mindy has been described as “eHarmony for jobs,” and today she shares her insights with us on the three ways that companies can get better at hiring. (Plus we meet her new rescue pup!) Learn more about Mindy... read more

The Hidden Strengths of Introvert Leaders

This week we talk with Team Health Specialist and Coach to Yin Leaders, Andy Johnson, about Introverted Leaders. He expands on the definition of introversion, the often hidden strengths of introverted leaders, and the need for complementary leadership. Learn how you can better understand and leverage the introverted leaders in your company. Andy... read more

Coaching the Doctrine of Excellence--Simple Principles for Success In Sports, Business & Life

Coach Skip Hall joins us today to talk about some of the key principles in the Doctrine of Excellence, a program he has been coaching for over 40 years to recruit and retain successful teams. Coach Hall touches on three of these ideas, and talks about how the same principles that make you successful in the athletic arena can also make you... read more