The Hidden Strengths of Introvert Leaders

This week we talk with Team Health Specialist and Coach to Yin Leaders, Andy Johnson, about Introverted Leaders. He expands on the definition of introversion, the often hidden strengths of introverted leaders, and the need for complementary leadership. Learn how you can better understand and leverage the introverted leaders in your company. Andy Johnson is an executive coach to yin leaders and teams with Price Associates (www.price-associates.com) and a faculty member of The Complete Leader leadership development program.

Building A Culture Of Dialogue. How Real Conversations Can Transform Your Culture.

This week we sit down with leadership and talent management advisor Dr. Ranjit Nair. Dr. Nair talks about the trend to humanize the workplace and how to build a culture of dialogue. He gives tips for creating better performance reviews and a more engaged culture. Dr. Nair is an author, speaker, and business advisor with Price Associates. www.price-associates.com Follow Ranjit @RanjitNair_PhD

Fear Not

Identify and Eliminate Fear in Your Organization 

By Whit Mitchell

A number of years ago my son tried out for the local high school lacrosse team as a freshman. He had played soccer and hockey and thought lacrosse would be a good fit. He would often come home after practice looking a bit bedraggled and discouraged. I attributed it to the fact he had never played and was a freshman.

A Roadmap for New Leaders

By Trish Candler

The Dangers of Radical Candor

By Jay Steven Levin

There’s a relevant blog post making the rounds currently that encourages “radical candor in workplace leaders.” It’s both well written and well thought out, and authored by a former Googler. It addresses the need for, as the author puts it, creating “bull****-free zones where people love their work and working together.”

How a Better Understanding of Yourself Will Help You as a Leader

By Rodger Price, AllBusiness, January 2016

There are many effective ways to lead, and leaders all have a unique design when it comes to ability and potential. Some great leaders do it through their high energy and engaging personalities. Others do it through careful planning and significant investment in the people who choose to follow them. Still others do it through sheer determination and dogged persistence.

Growing Your Company's Succession Pipeline

Tips for Identifying and Developing Emerging Leaders

A recent study by Chief Learning Officer magazine showed that the top goal for CEOs regarding leadership development is growing the succession pipeline, followed by retaining high potentials. 

TCL Video Series: Identifying Emerging Leaders with Ron Price

In this short video, TCL faculty member Ron Price talks about how to identify emerging leaders within your company and determine who should be running your organization in the future.

Developing Persuasion is a Daily Pursuit

Building the Three Critical Aspects of Persuasion

Effective leaders take people places they wouldn’t otherwise go, and inspire people to make commitments they wouldn’t otherwise make. 

Happiness Isn’t the Absence of Negative Feelings

Happiness Isn’t the Absence of Negative Feelings 

Harvard Business Review, August 2015

By Jennifer Moss

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