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Legitimate Leadership Authenticity: The Great Debate

By Chip Scholz I hear a lot of buzz around the words “authentic leadership”. Some demand more, while others debate its meaning. Regardless, smart leaders recognize the cries of dissatisfaction and seek ways to engage others with passion, authenticity and long-term value. Legitimate leadership authenticity begins with self-knowledge: your... read more

Opposites That Feed Each Other

Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Be More Productive By Jalene Case Bring to mind your last off-the-grid, disconnected-style vacation. If you can’t think of one, you’re not alone. Even though we know (somewhere deep down!) that taking a complete break from work will increase our work productivity, we often resist. I recently... read more

A Direct Approach to Resolve Conflict with a Coworker

By Whit Mitchell It probably won’t surprise you that in my line of work, I tend to do a lot of team conflict resolution. Coworker disagreements and conflict are common in most workplaces, as we attempt to blend a variety of personalities, preferences and behaviors into a single team. When I get a call that two colleagues are not working... read more

An Aware Team is an Effective Team

By Dr. Francis Eberle One of my clients recently asked for help improving the effectiveness of his team. He reported that the team was not readily sharing information, not treating each other with respect, and not pitching in when one member was unable to complete his or her work. These concerns probably sound familiar. I see them, or some... read more

The Leader as Innovator

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price discuss the role of the leader as an innovator. Ron tells the story of how he and Dr. Evans Baiya connected to write The Innovator’s Advantage and details the two types of innovation. He also shares steps for leaders to create a culture of innovation, and the impact of ideas as the currency of the... read more

My Personal Civil War: What Happens When Behaviors or Motivators Clash

By Dave Clark Some people call it an internal struggle. Others call it a “me-me” conflict. I like to call it my personal civil war. Many of us have one (or more) of these internal conflicts and they tend to cause us mental anguish, often on a daily basis. This “me-me” conflict comes when either primary behaviors or motivators are... read more

Take Ownership with Accountability Questions

By Steve and Jill Morris Organizational Accountability is owning the consequences of your choices in delivering the agreed-to results that everyone owns but no one person controls, and helping other people do the same. This definition requires that you to set up clear accountabilities based on agreed-to results, otherwise you are leaving... read more

How to Define Success Daily

By Lori McNeill How often do we go throughout our days without truly thinking about how we can create success that day? Many of us simply live our lives day-by-day, going through the motions, without really considering what we want to accomplish. It’s easy to do this, especially in a world that is moving nonstop. You may get to the end of the... read more

Does Your Culture Need Help?

7 indications of a broken culture By Dr. Lisa Aldisert Culture is a common buzzword these days. Many articles tout the importance of a good culture. There are even awards that celebrate companies where employees love to work. Experts talk about defining, transforming, and fixing your culture. But how do you even know if your company’s... read more

The Leader as Supervisor

Host Dale Dixon and Executive Advisor Ron Price talk about how the gig economy has changed the workforce, and therefore supervision and management. Ron discusses the opportunities and threats of this trend, and gives leaders tools to rethink supervision. He also lists the leadership skills that are critical for leading in today's economy, and... read more
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