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How to Know When it’s Time to Change Course

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Dr. Evans Baiya, Fast Company, May 2020 What happens when you run an experiment and the outcome is not what you had planned? One of the traps of experimentation is expecting the testing to validate your thinking. It is natural to want the experiment to say yes—even to think that if it doesn’t confirm your idea, it is a failure. Read more.

Leading During Crisis

In this special episode of The Complete Leader podcast, Leadership Advisor and Author Ron Price interviews his son, Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments about leading during crisis, specifically what he and his company have done during COVID-19. Dan discussed the ways Gravity Payments is helping small businesses use technology to keep their doors... read more

How Leaders Can Help Their Remote Workers

By Dr. Francis Eberle What can we do when it feels like inertia is holding us back? These days, I have noticed during recent video calls that some of the people who are normally high energy seem to have much less energy. Staying motivated when working remotely involves more than just setting up a work area and logging into a video call. The... read more

From An Inventor to Becoming a Master Innovator

By Evans Baiya, PhD & Ron Price  Being an inventor is a great achievement. After all, you are the one who comes up with the ideas, or a new discovery. From incandescent light bulbs to the internet of things (IoT), inventors have made untold numbers of improvements to our lives. We have been privileged to work with many people who are... read more

The Elephant in the Room

Two Activities for Working Remotely By Trish Candler For those normally working in an office setting, you may be working remotely, somewhere other than a designated office building setting. Your remote location may be full of different people these days. Perhaps it’s one or many children in your “new office” or maybe a partner, or perhaps... read more

Using ‘sheltering in place’ as an opportunity for growth

Ron Price, Idaho Business Review, April 2020 I have been traveling as an integral part of my career as a business consultant over the last 30 years, working in 15 countries as well as all 50 of the United States. In 2019, I decided it was time to slow down the amount of travel I did for business, largely because of my advancing age and in... read more

Befriending Measurements

By Jalene Case I recently had a meeting with a colleague during which I was vigorously sharing my detailed analysis of 2019 and a clear plan for 2020. My colleague paused, starring at one number and said, “Wait. Did you say all of this is income going away?” I flippantly said, “Yes, but look at what I have planned!” Suddenly I saw that even... read more

Is Your Bias Showing?

How to spot and change unconscious bias in the workplace By Ron Price and Stacy Ennis Unconscious bias matters. Greatly. Not just for the people on the receiving end of bias, but also for the leaders, teams and companies who are missing out on a team that is diversified through age, race, gender and other factors. Where is the diversity... read more

Finding Opportunity in Times of Worry

By Dr. Evans Baiya We can all agree that we are facing challenging times. COVID-19 and public precautions to slow the spread of it have left businesses in a space full of unknowns. And for many people, unknowns equal worry. It is natural for leaders (all people in fact) to feel overwhelmed during moments of crisis, especially crisis that is... read more

Are You Too Busy to Recognize the Talent That's In Front of You?

By Lori McNeill It is all too common for managers to have busy schedules to the point of having back-to-back meetings all day long. Deadlines have to be met. Unexpected issues arise that need to be addressed. Does this sound like an average day or week for you? When over-packed days become the norm, leaders may not take time to develop the... read more
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