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Are Your Emerging Leaders Ready to Take the Reins?

The key to fortifying your organization starts from within - identifying emerging leaders and sharpening their skills, thereby preparing them for senior leadership roles. In this presentation CEO of Price Associates and co-author of The Complete Leader Ron Price will share insights on preparing leaders for the realities of modern business while... read more

TCL Video Series: Futuristic Thinking with Dr. Ranjit Nair

As a lead facilitator on The Complete Leader faculty, Dr. Ranjit Nair knows that the ability to adapt to change is an important part of futuristic thinking. Watch this short video to learn more about this competency.

Heidrick & Struggles on the changing nature of leadership

Tracy Wolstencroft, CEO of the global executive-search firm, explains the importance of authentic leadership, listening, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. “Those who adapt best are the ones who thrive.”  - Tracy Wolstencroft, McKinsey & Company

TCL Video Series: Continuous Learning with Ron Price

While individuals need to be continuous learners to succeed, entire organizations must also embrace this skill. Tomorrow's leaders - the people who will establish an organization's culture - must embrace continuous learning as both a personal and an organizational value. Watch this two-minute video with Ron Price to find out more about continuous... read more

TCL Video Series: Problem-Solving with Whit Mitchell

Leaders with an aptitude for problem-solving have the ability to analyze, diagnose and deal with problems effectively. Whether the problem is linear and “tame,” or nonlinear and “wicked,” adept problem solvers have a natural propensity to discover and help lead others to solutions. In this 2-minute video, faculty member Whit Mitchell talks about... read more

Personal Accountability: The Double-edged Sword That Leaders Must Wield

By Ron Price The Complete Leader defines personal accountability as the capacity to be answerable for personal actions. Simple as the definition is, personal accountability can often be difficult to master due to the temptation to blame a circumstance on another person, defend poor choices and actions, deny the reality of a situation,... read more

Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings

Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings Dr. Travis Bradbury, LinkedIn

Dan Price on Being Authentic and Providing Opportunities for Your Team

Dan Price, founder and CEO, Gravity Payments
At the beginning of April, Dan Price, founder and CEO of Gravity Payments in Seattle, announced that he was raising the minimum salary at his 120-person payment processing company to $70,000. Most of the money for these raises will come from cutting Dan’s salary from $1 million to $70,000 per year as well. The rest will come out of the $2.2... read more

Are You Getting Leadership Development Wrong?

When it comes to leadership development, organizations are operating in a completely different arena than they were even five years ago. Developing leaders into today's business climate has a unique set of challenges. The leadership drought and the leadership gap have created a substantial deficiency for both the quantity and quality of leadership... read more

TCL Video Series: Decision-Making with Ryan Lisk

Tomorrow’s leaders will have increased pressure to quickly make effective decisions in an increasingly ambiguous environment. You will need to learn the skills necessary to make difficult decisions in a timely manner, even under intense pressure. In this 2-minute video, Ryan Lisk discusses the importance of decision-making for a high-performing... read more
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