Jaime Lisk Joins Price Associates Team

Price Associates is pleased to announce that Jaime Lisk has joined the team at its Boise office.

Jaime is a leadership coach, facilitator, and trainer. She has experience as a consultant in both private and public sectors in a variety of industries. Notable partnerships include pharmaceutical, healthcare, advertising, government, nonprofit, and association management industries.

As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Jaime leads teams to a deeper understanding of their strengths and diversity to increase productivity and collaboration. She also works with clients to help them select and retain employees and delivers customized trainings such as Respect in the Workplace, Workplace Wellness 101, and Self-Awareness.

Jaime is a certified facilitator for the RealTime Coaching program—a simple, practicable approach for people who rely on others to create results. RealTime Coaching is a highly interactive workshop, featuring 65% active participation and situational role play, allowing participants to successfully navigate coaching conversations immediately. She conducts both company-sponsored and public RealTime Coaching cohorts throughout the country.

Jaime received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Georgetown College and a Masters in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University.

Prior to joining Price Associates, Jaime worked as a consultant with Hanna Resource Group in Lexington, Kentucky serving clients through compensation, assessment, training and benefit administration. Before that she was the HR director for a healthcare management company that managed 14 facilities throughout Kentucky.

We sat down with Jaime to talk about HR trends, practical leadership training, and taking up golf.

You have spent years working in HR. What are some of the trends you've seen? One of the biggest trends I’ve seen is people wanting a career where they can connect to the purpose and mission of the organization. Employees are no longer simply looking for their next job; they want a position where they are making an impact and are linked to a larger purpose.

I have also seen organizations being much more concerned with how they manage their people. Companies are looking for ways to help their managers effectively navigate "people" issues and really promote strong leadership. They realize that this is the key to employee retention and engagement, and ultimately impacts the bottom line.

You facilitate a workshop called RealTime Coaching, which is practical leadership training for new and emerging leaders. What is your favorite part of his program? The workshop is truly collaborative—packed with real-life coaching scenarios, participation from attendees, and in-depth discussion. In fact, 65% of the workshop is interactive with little to no lecture. We all attend trainings and workshops with the ultimate goal of learning something we can actually use to make us better at our jobs; this workshop gives you that.

What drew you to leadership advising and coaching? During my time in the HR industry, I saw countless managers who needed a sounding board to help them navigate their leadership journey. Working with leaders is invigorating and serving as a partner to help them reach their full potential and make a positive impact is part of my life's goal.

What is the most rewarding part of being a coach for you? Witnessing an "ah-ha" moment from someone I am working with! When an individual has been dealing with a challenging work relationship or a difficult decision, and during the course of our conversation we find a solution, that is the ultimate goal. You see a weight lift and their face brighten—that's when I feel like I'm making a positive impact.

Besides leadership, what are some of your other interests? At work, I love helping teams understand their strengths and understand how diversity can increase team performance. I also help organizations use talent assessments as part of their recruiting process to achieve a greater job-candidate fit and make those difficult hiring decisions easier and more accurate.

Outside of work, I love spending time outdoors either on a hike, on the water, or skiing at Brundage. I have recently taken up golf and am accepting any and all golfing tips! My husband and I love to spoil our 130-pound Newfoundland, Boone, enjoy listening to music, and appreciate a nice glass of red wine.