Introducing The Complete Leader Turkish!

It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that we announce the publication of the Turkish edition of The Complete Leader: Everything You Need to Become a High Performing Leader. A very special thanks goes out to Hasan Tahsin Güngör, Nihan Serra Gungor and Bilge Okuyan and Pervin Ozdemir.

When Hasan Tahsin Güngör, a well respected consultant from Istanbul and master distributor for TTI Success Insights Turkey, received an early release copy of The Complete Leader in January 2014, he immediately contacted us about translating the book into Turkish. In addition to dedicating time and resources to this, Hasan also purchased a large order of English copies and started using The Complete Leader in a program he was leading in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, Hasan's team in Istanbul has worked tirelessly to translate, edit, and proofread the first non-English translation of the book. They have been added to our international faculty for leading Complete Leader programs and will soon be contributing on Completing and printing the Turkish translation in less than 12 months is an admirable achievement. They are expanding our vision of helping leaders develop the 21st century competencies of clear thinking, effective self management, leading others, and leading with authenticity.

Thank you Hasan, Serra, Bilge and Pervin!