Focus on: Resiliency

(bouncing back from Adversity) 
By Mindy Bortness 

When faced with adversity, what story do you tell yourself? What natural reaction have you chosen over the years? If it's anything but a positive reinforcement that you can get through it, you know you can change that, right?

In The Complete Leader Program, an innovative, effective process lead by Ron Price, Price-Associates, you can take an easy online assessment to see where you land for Resiliency, as well as the 24 other key leadership competencies we measure through TTI Success Insights®, the largest validated assessment organization worldwide.

Like you, I have well-developed competencies and then some not-so-well-developed skills. Being resilient, or bouncing back from adversity, happens to be a strength for me and I'm examining why. The overarching reason is my faith that the Lord will get me through. That's just a fact. In addition, I'm a little bit selfish in a good way: I don't let stuff get to me any more than is reasonable. If I'm at odds with someone or an event, I consciously separate myself from the situation, look objectively at what I'm accountable for and what I can learn right now from it.

I have experienced and recovered from one or more significant setbacks. Read the rest of Mindy's article.