Decoding Innovation

Discovering The Innovator’s Advantage 

Ron Price has co-written a new book with Dr. Evans Baiya called The Innovator’s Advantage: Revealing the Hidden Connection Between People and Process, due for release on April 11. 

We sat down with Ron to talk about what inspired the book and his collaboration with Evans. 

What made you decide to write The Innovator's Advantage?

Evans and I were working with a client on innovation, and during long car rides to visit that client we began to discuss the concept: the value of clear processes coupled with what we know about the talent patterns, skills and passions of people. We were not aware of an existing book that combined the innovation processes with the science of talent, and as a result we became enthusiastic about sharing this connection in the book. 

What do you hope readers will learn from the book?

First, that there is an innovation process that leads to success in both small and large ways. Second, that everyone can contribute to innovation if they understand their natural talents and proven skills—and are able to pursue innovation with passion that is unique to them. 

We hope readers will immediately see how they can get better at innovation and how they can guide their companies or departments along in the process.  There is an upward spiral, creating more and more innovation, that occurs as people master the processes and tools we explain in the book and on the website at

How did your personal experience with innovation influence the book?

Innovation usually manifests on two levels: Some innovation is relatively easy and can be accomplished just by asking employees, suppliers and customers for ideas. Other forms of innovation can be very tough, run deep and potentially be transformative for an organization.  

As a business advisor, I have been privileged to participate in a wide spectrum of innovation initiatives. These have included efforts to build stronger cultures, to develop new business strategies, to create innovative new services to increase consumer value, and to develop new products. This innovation has either been the foundation for new companies, or a way for companies to renew themselves and achieve new levels of growth. 

Innovation is broad and multi-faceted. It is truly any idea or combination of ideas that create new value and result in economic benefits.

What was your favorite part of the book writing process?

It was definitely working with Evans. He is one-of-a-kind because of his expertise, his appetite for learning, his passion for his work, and his enthusiasm for innovation. He is an amazing human being, and I feel privileged to have been able to work with him on this project.

The Innovator’s Advantage is available for preorder at and discounted bulk orders are available by contacting the publisher, Aloha Publishing.