Creative Thinking: Innovation's Starting Point

creative thinkingCreativity in leadership is an often-underused competency. But even if you’re not operating in a traditionally “creative” industry, the benefits of innovation in any sector can’t be ignored. The truth is that creativity in business takes many forms—from the development of new or improved processes, to innovation in products and services, to general problem solving. 

Brent Patmos, founder and President of Perpetual Development, Inc. and a faculty member for The Complete Leader, focuses on helping companies improve organizational performance.

He regularly encounters leaders who associate creativity with only art and music, and fail to see its adaptation in a business setting. “Creativity does not depart from practicality,” he says. “You have to start thinking deliberately before you start thinking creatively.”

When Brent works with companies on business evolution, he asks them to initiate creativity as a starting point. “It’s always intriguing to me how agonizing it is for people to begin to think creativley because of the security of their experiences,” he says. “The security of their experiences says, ‘We know how to handle this.’ But they run into issues when the challenge requires a different set of experiential applications.”

Creative leaders are able to combine ideas in new and unique ways to produce the desired result. They utilize the ingenuity of their employees to unlock innovation and fresh ideas. Creativity in business is becoming even more critical as the pace of change makes the life span of ideas shorter, and fresh concepts and approaches to problems are continually needed to stay competitive.

Artists start with a blank canvas and begin to fill in a picture based on what is in front of them or what is in their mind. Successful leaders will creatively paint the picture of their problem so they can begin to paint the picture of their solution,” says Brent.

So what exactly is Creativity? Adapting traditional or devising new approaches, concepts, methods, models, designs, processes, technologies and/or systems.

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