Continuous Learning: How to earn a Ph.D in your passion of expertise!

By Whit Mitchell

Continuous Learning is one of the 7 Leadership Attributes from Leaders are Clear Thinkers in the book The Complete Leader authored by Ron Price and Randy Lisk. The book is broken into Four Disciplines:

1 .Leaders Are Clear Thinkers
2. Leaders Lead Themselves
3. Leaders Lead Others
4. Leaders Are Authentic

There are 25 Leadership Competencies giving you everything you need to become a high performing leader.

Listen to the webcast below to dive into the Continuous Learning Competency.


Top 10 list of Individual strategies to promote learning in your organization.

1.  Individual development plan: Identify future developmental needs of each of your direct reports. Amazing what happens when you ask them what they’d like to learn.
2.  Special projects and assignments: Shadowing  and rotational assignments. 
3.  Coaching: Support an employee  with new responsibilities. Directive at first, supporting, coaching, empowering…
4.  Mentoring: Relationship between Jr. and SR employees-supporting and learning. Baby Boomers need to begin to mentor all those new Millennials coming up.
5.  Learning groups (teams): Meet to focus on learning and development. Lunch time forums.
6.  Classroom learning: Used to communicate highly complex and changing information. Highly interactive. Instructor
7.  Online learning: Using the internet to deliver training to the employees location. Employees don’t all have to be in the same place.
8.  Informational interviews: Meetings held with key people to gain information. Understand key stakeholders perspectives.
9.  Discussion forum: Group that meets on a regular basis to share ideas, information and solutions to work related issues.
10. Action learning: A process for bringing together a group of people with varied levels of skills and experience to analyze an actual work problem and develop an action plan.