A practical training session for leaders who need to get the best out of their teams. Learn strategies to solve tough problems, deal with challenging people, and handle conflict without burnout.

Why Choose RealTime Coaching™

This training gives managers real solutions to real management challenges. It is a streamlined approach to leadership, teaching skills to use on the job immediately. 

  • Packed full of useful leadership approaches 
  • Four sessions with fast-paced, practical leadership training 
  • Work through real-life coaching issues from participants 

Receive coaching tools: 

  • RealTime Coaching™ book 
  • 52 Coaching Tips guide 
  • A workbook for coaching after the program 
  • Talent Insights Assessment to better understand your managerial strengths

 What People Are Saying About RealTime Coaching™

“The coaching questions Jaime gave us were simple but impactful. I use them weekly with my team.” Jon MacDowell, Micron

“The RealTime Coaching™ process is non-threatening. It allows people to figure things out for themselves.” J.P.P. 

“It gives practical advice for coaching your team. These are ideas that work for all sorts of people and situations.” S.J.

Cost: $595 per person

Write to Jaime@Price-Associates.com to find out about our upcoming program.

Pay only
to gain access for 6 months