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Graduates of The Complete Leader program have seen personal, professional, and company-wide shifts that they attribute to the program.

Emerging leaders are developed, and current leaders are fortified. Your team will come away from The Complete Leader with practical skills that they can use immediately and can teach to others in your organization. The program is designed to be a launchpad for continuous learning that goes on long after the program has ended.

Why Choose The Complete Leader?


Our facilitators have been providing leadership development & guidance for over 40 years


65% of graduates receive promotions and/or accolades after completing the program


85% of graduates report improvements in their home lives as a result of the program


The Complete Leader offers all 25 competencies needed to be a high-performing leader


Case Studies

Hospital Uses Employee Morale Leadership Program to Increase Profits


By TTI Success Insights®, Zack Colick

In early 2012, a Maine-based hospital was “on a skid” and in the red $2.5 million.

Many employees at the underperforming, 1,700-employee Pen Bay Healthcare Medical Center in Rockport, Maine, said they had been working under strained relationships, where there was often disconnect between them and supervisors.

Wade Johnson, who served as president and CEO of the hospital from January 2012 to April 2014, stepped in to develop new workplace engagement and job fit strategies based off TTI Success Insights’ TriMetrix HD and job benchmarking solutions. His goal was to increase employee morale and executive leadership, thereby addressing the hospital’s rising deficit.

One year after implementing these strategies, Pen Bay turned a profit of about $4.5 million, according to Johnson, who worked closely with Value Added Associates Ron Price of Price Associates and Whit Mitchell of Working InSync in the turnaround process.

Read the complete case study here



Finding Fulfillment in a New Industry


Jim had had a full career in the military, performing life-saving work under strenuous circumstances. When he transitioned to a civilian profession, his work satisfaction was low. He enjoyed his job as a department leader, but his heart wasn’t in it—he felt like his purpose had already been lived out in the military.

Changing Perspective
Jim worked with his TCL coach to develop a revised perspective of the work he was doing. He realized that his management role, while not lifesaving, was focused on providing a higher quality of life for patients. This shift completely transformed the way he viewed his work. It also provided him the opportunity to reflect on his role in the company as a whole.

When Jim’s company experienced significant change, he was able to take his newfound perspective and emerge as a leader in change management, helping his department through the transition. Not only that, but at the end of the program, he rated his job satisfaction at a 9 (versus a 2 when he started the program).  

Using Talent Insights to Enhance Communication


Beth, a middle manager at a tech company, was experiencing regular frustration at work. Communicating the needs of her team to upper management was becoming increasingly impossible. The expectations of upper management were difficult to execute, and not always the best thing for her team. She felt torn between being a manager and doing what the company was asking her to do.

TriMetrix® HD as a Tool
After taking the DISC and Driving Forces assessments during TCL and being debriefed on her profile and that of her colleagues, Beth gained a whole new understanding of work preferences, behaviors and communication styles. This new understanding transformed her work life. She realized she could use DISC insights to manage up, as well as down.

By changing her communication approach, Beth made her voice stronger, and was able to take employee concerns and needs to upper management with successful outcomes.


The opportunity to learn leadership styles from individuals in different industries has been great.
Lake Sunapee Bank
Frank Teas
Director of Banking Services
The Complete Leader is a great blend of objective data, personal reflection and group discussion. I highly recommend participating with two or more members of your team to have the chance to develop insights into your own and your team's leadership styles and growth areas. The program has been invaluable to our team.
Compass Therapeutics
Errik Anderson
Founder, Managing Partner of Ulysses Holdings, LLC
It's a comprehensive program covering many relevant areas, providing excellent self discovery and an improved group dynamic. We saw increased self-awareness and improved communication throughout the team.
Cavium Networks
Cohort Participant
Whether you are a clerk or the manager of a store, the CEO of a corporation or even the president of a country, you will benefit from reading and applying the principles of The Complete Leader.
Zamzows Superstores
Jim Zamzow
Leaving nothing out, Ron Price and Randy Lisk reveal everything you need to know to be The Complete Leader.
What Got You Here, Won't Get You There
Marshall Goldsmith