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Look Carefully, Dig Deeper, Connect the Dots

Ranjit Nair
Fixing Talent Management Blind Spots By Ranjit Nair, Ph.D Sr. Strategist/Talent, Leadership & Organizational Development Let’s get real: a talent strategy isn’t about musical chairs and who sits in what seat and when. It’s about building an authentic culture around people—all people—honoring them and enabling them to unleash the best... read more

The 4 Rs of High-Stakes Decision Making

Decisiveness is often cited as a desirable trait in leaders. Definitions of decisive include “having the power to decide; conclusive” and “characterized by decision and firmness; resolute.” Yes, a leader must make decisions, but effectiveness depends on when and how the decision is made, not just that it was made. Read The 4 Rs of High-... read more

How to Seize the Opportunities When Megatrends Collide

Preparing for the inevitable interactions between global forces can help you stay ahead of the competition. Read How to Seize the Oppportunities When Megatrends Collide Strategy + Business, February, 2015

Is Your Company Prepared for the Leadership Drought?

By Ron Price, all Business, March 2015 he business community will see a significant change in the leadership landscape over the next five years — and it’s a shift that has already started. Each day, 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age. These are the leaders who are currently leading major companies and holding senior leadership positions... read more

Creative Thinking: Innovation's Starting Point

Creativity in leadership is an often-underused competency. But even if you’re not operating in a traditionally “creative” industry, the benefits of innovation in any sector can’t be ignored. The truth is that creativity in business takes many forms—from the development of new or improved processes, to innovation in products and services, to... read more

The Do's and Don'ts of Creativity

Creativity is one of the most intrinsically rewarding endeavors we engage in.  Creativity requires a combination of innovation, inspiration, and a tremendous amount of hard work. It allows us to explore both the wondrous potential and the incredible detail of things. And let’s not forget that those little shots of dopamine that creativity... read more

Why Bacon Brands Beat Oatmeal Brands

Featuring Justin Foster, Brand Driven Digital, March 2015 “Bacon is a great metaphor for the perpetually interesting brand.” Taking a cue from comedian Jim Gaffigan (Bippity-boppity-BACON!), strategist and speaker Justin Foster has found that, while it may seem silly, bacon is an amazing metaphor for how we build and grow unique and engaging... read more

What Are You Waiting For?

From Blueprint Leadership, March 2015 "Futuristic Thinking: What Are You Waiting For?," co-authored by Diane Kucala, and Kendra McClelland reveals the mindset and skills that futuristic thinkers utilize to lead their organization toward a future not yet imagined. Learn what it takes to be a visionary who leads your organization toward an... read more

The Complete Leader: The Benefits of Executive Coaching at a Fraction of the Cost

By Nichole MacDowell: An interview with Ron Price, co-author of The Complete Leader The Complete Leader (TCL) program is unlike traditional leadership programs in its approach to developing the whole leader, not just a set of soft skills. But program creator Ron Price is most proud of the fact that when the program ends, participants make... read more

The Transformative Power of Listening

An interview with Whit Mitchell and Kevin Toth In the world of leadership development, we often hear words like “problem solving,” “goal setting,” and “talent,” but very rarely do we hear about the importance of listening and how learning to master this art can transform our workplaces and our organizations. In this interview, Kevin... read more